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Quest Pro Controller Tracking Issues and Fix

I had a tracking issue with quest pro's controllers. There was about 11" of offset between the real ones and the virtual display. BIG difference!After multiple resets nothing changed. I was getting very frustrated and was about to do a factory reset....

mreimer by Level 5
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Vulkan Api Performance issue

Hi,I am currently experiencing frame drop issues while playing 360 videos using the Vulkan API. I have tried various solutions but none of them seem to resolve the issue. But Video smoothly playing with OpenGL 3.0.FYI:Tested device - oculus quest 1 ....

User Reporting Plugin

I have followed the instructions here for integrating our in game's user reporting flow with oculus button triggered user reporting:

Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...


Being working on a vr project with the oculus integration version 49 which was release just some few days back. Am using Unity for development. After upgrading to the latest version I tried doing some hand Grab pose but it does not work and keep show...


Quest 1

My right controller doesn’t work with the tracking. I tried everything. I reset my whole quest to new. I tried to link it again didnt work. Nothing works

TTS for GPT-3 api model

Hello Everyone,so i have integrated the TTS package and I connected it with GPT-3 API and it works fine with small text up to 4 sentences but if the response had a big text it would give me a status code 400 with message load failed and Web stream er...

Error when trying to upload to app lab

Hi whenever I try to upload my APK to the app lab it keeps on popping up this error code: OCULUS_PLATFORM__APK_PACKAGE_NAME_ALREADY_IN_USE. Does anybody know howto fix this? I've tried stuff like renaming the whole project and deleting my application...

Public opt-in in release channels not working

I enabled "Enable public opt-in" for my ALPHA and BETA release channels, yet I can't find a way that users can opt-in themselves to the app through the Oculus software or website. With a test account, I've tried searching for the app by full name in ...

My apps no longer open (Developer mode)

Hello everyone, today i discovered that many of my applications developed with Unity no longer open, some do not start at all, in others only the black screen appears. Now the apps have been installed on different devices and different accounts.the p...

Argan93 by Level 2
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Quest PRO Controller has not update and Stucks at 0%

I received my QuestPro controller today and tried to use it with my Quest2, but for some reason it didn't work. I have tried all the solutions I have found on the internet. I have tried all of the following solutions and have not been able to use the...

WhatsApp画像 2023-02-11 18.43.42.jpg

Issue with VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore

When using VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore, vkCreateSemaphore returns -3 with the following in logcat: : ioctl fd 68 code 0xc0100958 (IOCTL_KGSL_TIMELINE_CREATE) failed: errno 13 Permission denied As mentioned in the error, permission is denied, further lo...

Quest 2 does not showing up on PC whil in dev mode

My Problem:when I try to connect my Quest 2 to the PC (Win 10) while dev mode is on and allow to access data, it does not showing up as device. I tried every solution last 2 days and nothing seems to work (including updating all drivers). However my ...

tseghus by Level 2
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[Quest] Weird Canvas Render behaviour

Weird one - canvas rendering fine in the editor, but when the scene loads in the build the canvas won't render (all canvas is black, rest of scene is fine)however, on rollover i can still click a button - and when i do, the canvas moves into the conf...

edinky by Level 4
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My Quest 2 set recently started showing purple ghosts of objects in my surroundings. They disappear if I put my hand in front of the visor. It is sometimes minimal and at other times so bad I have to stop playing.

Meta/Oculus in 🇮🇳 India! Please

We want oculus services to run in India and we want meta in India So That Everyone in India could afford without the taxes of exporting and importing it it costs ₹15,000 ($200) And For the 256Gb varient it costs ($250) more just for shipping  it wou...


So this happened while I was playing on my quest 2, with full battery, charged controllers, and the latest software update. I was playing the amazing game known as COMPOUND, a 90s style hardcore rougelite shooter, rougelite meaning NO save files whic...

Mnning by Level 2
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Media Projection is disabled on v44

We are developing VR device management system that can monitor VR viewers' screens.we are implementing mirroring function using MediaProjection API, and it worked in v43.However, after updating to v44 it was not working and we found the following log...

Unity Split Binary Causes APK to Not Open

I posted this in OpenXR thread, but think this is more of just a quest question. I am building my game using OpenXR for the Quest 2. Everything works in editor and plays and runs fine on PC with Link Cable connected. I tried to build the full game in...

Ty_BorG by Level 2
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