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Resolved! Starting another application using intents

I've implemented a native Android plugin that I call from Unity C# script to start another application using an intent like so:Intent launchIntent = context.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(packageName);if (launchIntent != null) { Log.d(...

sebrk by Explorer
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set oculus as active openxr doesn't work

Hello everybody,I try to click on "set oculus as active openxr" but it doesn't work. I am not an administror user on my pc, I saw that other persons in the same case have the problem. I tried what I saw on the furums : run the Meta Quest Link app as ...


Possible to deep link from phone app to Quest headset?

Here's the use case I'd like to implement:- A first user shares a link on their phone which deep links back to a piece of content in a Quest app (the user shares the link in a caption on a social post, they post it online via a mobile browser, send i...

tydosh by Explorer
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Meta Quest Link Update from Rift App Link Issue

Hello,With the most recent update from Oculus desktop app to the Meta link app, I'm not sure of the exact date, the following issue happens:If we attempt to establish a rift link with the headset using adb and the presence sensor does not detect a he...

JohnBogey by Honored Guest
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Horizon Worlds Link to Unity Game

How can I make a link from within a Meta Horizon World to a Meta-approved Unity-based game without the "quit app?" message being displayed?My Horizon World will be a meeting place for experiential time travel adventurers.All that's required is a Meta...

Resolved! Unity crash when try accessing scene model on Quest 3

Hello,I'm having an issue while developing for Quest3, while debugging with Oculus Link (via USB 3.0), I can't see the 'ask for spacial data permission' popup on Quest3 after I enter the Unity Play mode. This also causes Unity to crash after a few se...

Adding a link to from Applab Demo to Full game

Hi. I have a demo on Applab and want to add a button to the UI that sends you to the full game PDP.I am using Unity 2020.3 and Application.OpenURL(""); doesn't do anything in the built demo.Is this pos...

MK1_Dev by Explorer
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HappyMod Apk 2.9.3 Download For Android In 2023

HappyMod Apk is an App Store that provides modded versions of popular Android games and apps. All apps are tested for malware and viruses before they are available on This Application.This App is designed for Android devices, if you have an Android e...

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Option to mute ambient sound in link mode

So after a days worth of searching I finally found that Meta has removed the oculus home when you connect a quest 2 to link mode, in my case airlink. What is left is a white room with a grid and a VERY annoying ambient background sound. There is NO W...

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 should be supported for oculus asap, anyone with it who wants to play computer vr most likely doesn't want to upgrade or can't due to money issues.

Windows logging tools for extracting VR interactions

Hi! I’m working on a research project in which I am using audit logs to understand the applications’ behavior and want to know if I can use windows logging tools (such as sysmon or ETW) for extracting audit logs for entity interactions that are happe...

unity play in editor forever loading

Oculus quest 2, using oculus link to play in editor. I changed the adb path of oculus developer hub and everything **bleep**ed up. If I click the play button, oculus interface shows "Loading" and get stucked in loading status. Even if I cancelled the...

kobe972 by Explorer
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Air link for Unity development

I have absolutely no issue setting up air link, connecting it to my PC and launching it BUT... it does seem to time out after a few minutes and reverts back to my Quest 2 home. Is this due to inactivity or something? And is there a setting that I mig...

Resolved! air link searching for pcs

Uh oh. I've been using Air Link for a long time and connecting routinely several times a day without an issue. Yesterday I saw a notice about an update on the headset and coincidentally perhaps Air Link can no longer find my PC. I've done all the "no...

How Do I Get unity build on Oculus Desktop

Super beginner question, so I have unity VR build and I am able to upload my apk file to my oculus quest 2 directly. But I want to be able to play this game as a build on Oculus desktop. Is there a way to do this? Do I need to make it a standalone ap...