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Quest 2 controller vibration and Meta Haptics Studio

Hi guys, I am currently using Quest 2 and Meta Haptics Studio to design haptic feedback with controllers. In Meta Haptics Studio, vibration amplitude and frequency range from 0 to 1 without showing information about how strong they are in specific un...

aqps_20 by Honored Guest
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Facebook ad manager & Oculus Store

Hi everyone,So we launched a VR Game and want to advertise it on Facebook & Instagram. We do that in the Facebook ad manager for our game in the oculus store. The problem is that we can't track if the ads are doing anything at all. We don't see purch...

Not Sending and SMS code to any phone!

I've been trying to get a developer account for my app but I need to verify my account. In order to verify my account I need to get a 6 digit code number through text but your system is failing to give me a code. There is no error message or anything...

Problems with creating a Meta Developer Account.png
LunarLinc by Honored Guest
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Tracking referral codes

How can I, as a community manager for a game on the Oculus store, track who has used a referral code sent by someone else to them? I assume it should be visible somewhere on the Oculus developer hub but I can't seem to find it.

AofSpades by Honored Guest
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Build Support for OVR Lipsync in WebGL

Hello I was trying to build an web app using OVR Lipsync in Unity, it works perfectly when used in unity but it doesn't seem to work for WebGL build. I get this type of error - "output 2.framework.js:10 DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLi...

URP + Ray Interactable kills app

Hello, I'm building URP MR app with Q2, Qpro,when I use Directional Light + Ray Interactable prefab(canvas) from Oculus Integration in URP,my app down with 'not enough memory error' after some framedrops.using unity: 2022.2.20 and Built-in or other I...

Add environment variable to the app

I want to add some environment variables to my app, so that before anyone runs the app those environment variables are set to particular values before running the executable everytime. Can anyone suggest a method to do it?

n0ddy by Explorer
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Can not deploy game to my Oculus Quest

Hi there, I am new in the community forums and hope some of you can help me out. I am currently working one a 3D game with Unity. I want to deploy my game to my Oculus Quest 1. I do have all the necessary assets and settings. I know about them, becau...