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HELP - Can't set up a password (developer account)

Hi!Since there is seemingly NO way to contact the support team I am trying it over here: I want to set up a password for my occolus developer account. They send me a code to verify my account and set up a password.First I put the code in and it liter...

Unable to add new member to Developer Hub

Hello,For about 4 days, I have been trying to add a new member to our developer hub for them to assist with keycodes and release channel access. This person made a meta account and a meta developer account, but they do not possess a headset. I made s...

developer account

recently, I bought an oculus quest 2. I created 2 accounts one for me and one for my brother, my brother took ownership. he activated developer mode on his account but I cant because I cant connect the headset to my account since he connected it. doe...

Finding Loaded APK on Headset

I updated my Meta Quest interface to the most recent version. I uploaded an APK to test a project I am developing. I cannot find the "unknown sources" option in the search bar to find my newly uploaded APK. Where do I need to navigate to, to open it?...

My website does not load

Hello, a few hours ago I received my quest 2, and I'm very happy, but it asks me to log in to the Oculus app, but when I log in, the site is on a white screen and I can't proceed with the account setup, if I don't log in on the website I can't comple... IMG-20230301-WA0012.jpg

API call to delete room set-up

We have had a lot of feedback from users about not enjoying how passthrough room set-up impacts their other app experiences. We are wondering if it is possible to provide users inside our app the ability to delete their room set-up without needing to...

IAP purchase discrepancy

In the documentation for IAP it reads, add-ons have 2 price display options, the defined price and the $0.01 off that displays for developers within the org.Well when we login to test this, it does not behave like this on the alpha channel or the liv...

Gradle exits unexpectedly

So I can build without issue from Unity for Android/Quest2 and load the project no problem onto the HMD. But whenever I use the Oculus integration build options which supposedly patch via the gradle cache it craps out without even writing a file (it ...

Custom VR Controllers

Hello,We are currently exploring the idea of integrating custom VR gloves for the Meta Quest 2 and were wondering if a custom API or integration path exists to get this work started.Thanks,Luke