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Disable Guardian option when using passthrough

Hello all, I am trying to get some traction on this so we can finally do AR with quest 2 without that annoying Guardian.Please please let power user disable guardian when in Passthrough, there is no danger for us since we can see everything around us...

Alakelele by Expert Protege
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Meta Quest 2 V63.0 - player heights switching in-game

In testing sessions for one of our games, we are finding that the virtual height of participants are occasionally changing - making the player appear very tall.Has anyone else found this? It seems to only affect headsets which have updated to 63.0, w...

AlfieJ8 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't verify Oculus Developer Account

I wanted to Turn on developer mode for my account, but every time I try it will tell me to verify my account. I didn't have a payment method and Phone Number Verification wasn't working so I got the Authenticator App and connected it which did work. ...

Oni2ed by Honored Guest
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Remote control Meta Quest 2 with smartphone or laptop

Hi dear members! My name is Diederick Geers and I own a Meta Quest 2. For a project of a client, we are using the Meta Quest VR 2 to create 360 videos for the company's open day. Guests on the open day are going to experience these VR videos through ...

DieckG by Honored Guest
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O.Q.2 - Worst produuct i ever used

the worst and most pointless device I have ever encountered in my life.Don't get me wrong - the hardware is fine, it's great.But the software, OS, working shell - is terrible. It is impossible to simply turn on the helmet normally - it requires a bun...

Artem18 by Honored Guest
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Facebook ad manager & Oculus Store

Hi everyone,So we launched a VR Game and want to advertise it on Facebook & Instagram. We do that in the Facebook ad manager for our game in the oculus store. The problem is that we can't track if the ads are doing anything at all. We don't see purch...

meta quest devoloper login problem

can you help me with another meta quest devoloper accountI cant login my meta quest devolopper account - I do have the email the password - but when i try to log in it will ask for authenticator code or recovery codes - I have microsoft authenticator...

Can't update Unity app on quest 2

Hello!I'm using unity and ovr platform tools to upload my build for quest 2. Recently if I update to the newer version on my quest2 I can't run my game until I uninstall and reinstall the whole app.Could someone please help?

Muszti by Protege
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Quests dropping off local WIFI network?

Hi,We are using a number of quests using Showtime for a group performance. In general things are working well (once the sensors have been disabled in MQDH and sleep timers set to 15 mins!) However we are using a local wifi setup (a router just for th...

UE5 Quest 2 XR

And how can I switch between controllers and Hand Tracking by pressing a key? Is there such a function? And one more question, how can I enable pass-through cameras on the oculus?

Babaq3228 by Honored Guest
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Interactive world in VR

Hello community, I'm wonder for know how to do complex interactions as manipulate an industrial lever for Virtual Reality applications, my project was setted using Oculus Integration but when I grab an object with my virtual hand the behaviour is wei...

I'm having trouble publishing the add-on I created?

Hello all, I am adding in-app purchases to my Oculus app. I have created add-ons and provided all the details, but when I try to publish the add-on, it says "Please finish filling out your add-on's metadata." I have already provided the add-on metada...

Build Support for OVR Lipsync in WebGL

Hello I was trying to build an web app using OVR Lipsync in Unity, it works perfectly when used in unity but it doesn't seem to work for WebGL build. I get this type of error - "output 2.framework.js:10 DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLi...

Using/viewing your phone in VR for Quest 2!

The ability to view or use your phone in VR remotely would be very helpful and easily integrated for Android phones! This would benefit a lot of users and also help with productivity for some that are active in VR quite often on the Quest 2 or the Qu...

Meta Quest Developer Hub device setup issues

Hi all, I'm trying to get my headset set up with Meta Quest Developer Hub and I'm having some issues.I click 'Set Up device' and connect the link cable, the headset is on and I enabled access to it's storage, I dont enable the pc link that starts the...

Two Technical Questions

Hello, everyoneI have interest in Meta Quest 2 or newest versionI have Intel NUC 13 Pro Kit (Small Intel CPU installed PC), to where a camera is connectedThat camera will send indoor live stream to NUCAlso, that NUC has OS as Ubuntu 20That NUC has US...

NexReal by Honored Guest
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vr experience 4k

Hello Meta Quest community! I have some questions I'd like to ask you, in case someone can help me solve them. I need to develop a virtual reality application for Quest 2 and Quest 3 in the near future. The application consists of a 360-degree virtua...