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Issues with downloading App Lab app to Quest 3

I’m having issues downloading the Alpha version of my Unity Application to my Meta Quest 3 for testing. The application appears on the Meta Quest app on my phone but does not show up on my headset. There is a “Purchased” button at the bottom on the m...

Disable USB Audio Permission Request

I use a custom unity-application to display the usb camera input. But in order to connect the USB camera and charge the Meta Quest 3 at the same time, I have to connect the mq3 to a docking station. Every time I do this, I get a "USB Audio permission...

Files App access to local SMB/NFS shares via WiFi

Hi,I think a great benefit/feature for the native Files app on the Meta Quest 3 would be the addition of connecting to local SMB/NFS shares with local media.This is supported by relevant third party paid media apps and if supported by native Meta Que...

Camera motion in passthrough

Hi! I am working on developing an app that rotates or translates the field of view during passthrough at different rates. I was wondering if there was a way to have the cameras on the Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro track a virtual object that moves back and...

any documents for developing augments...?

I heard since v62, there comes augments! but I don't see any for now. I have many cool ideas that want to implement when it comes to live! ( hope I can use custom code so enrich it in many way like patching information from web with intended api etc....

pyungdoo by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 3 shared spatial anchors

So, we have a project in development with shared anchors, but we cannot save or retrieve anchors from cloud.This work in quest2 but not in quest3.There is something else to configure to work with the quest 3?We are using: Unity 2022.3.4f1 and oculus ...

How to copy Depth API image to a PNG?

I want to use the Depth API to copy the depth image to a PNG file on Quest 3.'m modifying the Depth API sample:'m getting the ...

Combine real objects with real objects

Hi all,I am developing an Unity App. In my project, I want to use the AR camera to track real objects in a virtual environment. Considering that meta does not allow access to the oculus camera, I decided to use an external camera as a cameraAR for Vu...

MaraJets by Honored Guest
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Testing and Performance Analysis Quest 3 page is outdated now and needs to include the Quest 3 with its poly and drawcall specs.As a dev and an artist, i would love to know what my new limitations are compared to the Quest 2.P...

Fressno by Honored Guest
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Facebook ad manager & Oculus Store

Hi everyone,So we launched a VR Game and want to advertise it on Facebook & Instagram. We do that in the Facebook ad manager for our game in the oculus store. The problem is that we can't track if the ads are doing anything at all. We don't see purch...

Side By Side Recording / Raw image recording

Hello there,I have a few questions regarding recording videos on Oculus Quest 3.In the headset itself, there is no "both eyes" option. It's available in Meta Quest Developer Hub PC app, however. Can I somehow set it on the headset itself so when I st...

f3flight by Explorer
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GPU level not going above 2 on Quest 3 in Unity.

I'm wondering why in my app the GPU level won't throttle above level 2 with my Quest 3 build (It does go above that in a Quest 2 build). I see that in other apps it will go above that but I'm wondering if there is a setting I'm missing in the OVR man...

Axmit by Explorer
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