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Developer Mode Quest Pro

Hey I bought a Meta Quest Pro because I would like to develop some small projects for these glasses. I'm also very excited about the device, but I've already encountered a more or (I hope) less big problem pretty quickly and hope you can help me her...

KaroGr by Honored Guest
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Camera motion in passthrough

Hi! I am working on developing an app that rotates or translates the field of view during passthrough at different rates. I was wondering if there was a way to have the cameras on the Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro track a virtual object that moves back and...

Facebook ad manager & Oculus Store

Hi everyone,So we launched a VR Game and want to advertise it on Facebook & Instagram. We do that in the Facebook ad manager for our game in the oculus store. The problem is that we can't track if the ads are doing anything at all. We don't see purch...

AutoDriver on Quest Pro

The official documentation states that the E2E testing is available for Quest and Quest 2 devices. Has anyone tried using AutoDriver with Quest Pro?

lucosias by Honored Guest
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How can I develop with stylus tip on Pro

Hi Meta Community,I am recently exploring on the Oculus Pro and I am really attracted to this function. As a developer, I wonder how I can get the press data from the stylus tip? Is there any relearsed unity sdk that I should refer to or such functio...

Remico by Honored Guest
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vr experience 4k

Hello Meta Quest community! I have some questions I'd like to ask you, in case someone can help me solve them. I need to develop a virtual reality application for Quest 2 and Quest 3 in the near future. The application consists of a 360-degree virtua...

Quest 3 or Quest Pro?

That's a real question, because Quest 3 specs are not announced on the official page.Per scene, the game I am working on uses only 1 lightmap, 5-10 materials, 1-5 realtime lights, and 1 or 2 dynamic objects only, however the fps is very low and make ...

Network face tracking Meta avatars

I have working Unity app using Meta avatars. Lipsync works well - other network players see my face moving. So data is receiving correctly. But! When I introduced face tracking, it only works locally. Nobody see my facetracking except me.I'm using th...

Oculus quest pro air link issue

Hi i tried to use air link to connect my laptop with oculus quest laptop specification is i7-12 and geforce 3070ti(laptop). So i think there is no hardware issue.(Actually I used a airlink with my laptop but it cause issue recently)So my situa...

Quest Pro - Developer mode issue

Looking for help in getting the Quest Pro into developer mode. I have allowed the developer mode on the MQDH mobile app and within the headset however when I plug the USB-C cable into any computer it makes the noise as if something has connected but ...

API call to delete room set-up

We have had a lot of feedback from users about not enjoying how passthrough room set-up impacts their other app experiences. We are wondering if it is possible to provide users inside our app the ability to delete their room set-up without needing to...

Unable to add additional account to quest pro

Not able to connect the quest pro to neither mobile app nor quest developer hub. All the required settings are enabled including developer mode and the device gets recognised on the Developer hub but doesn't connect .The Only issue that I see is two ...

saik007 by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro controller art

Hi. Is there a place I can find official Quest Pro controller art for us in my game's tutorials and 2D imagery? Or, is this not required for certification, and I can just make my own? Thanks!

Afterpay and down payments

I think there needs to be a afterpay selection for the payment method or at least some sort of down payment to help pay for the products on this website. I would buy more products if I could help cut the huge prices in smaller pieces.

PjRaging by Honored Guest
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