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Spatial Anchor not loading after saving

I am using deprecated Methods for creating and loading my spatial anchor in the game. But its not loaded again after saving. I also Update my rig with the building blocks.And in the building blocks Spatial Anchor Core I am not able to get the spatial...

Help regarding boundary system for mixed reality

Hi a few questions regarding the boundary system.We are a startup company that wants to create Mixed Reality applications for the Quest 3. These applications are typically used in large open spaces like museums/castles. To make these applications wor...

Resolved! Unity crash when try accessing scene model on Quest 3

Hello,I'm having an issue while developing for Quest3, while debugging with Oculus Link (via USB 3.0), I can't see the 'ask for spacial data permission' popup on Quest3 after I enter the Unity Play mode. This also causes Unity to crash after a few se...

Tracking confidence for Touch Plus controllers?

Hi.I'm currently exploring the possibilities of an app using Simultaneous Input on Quest3. It's a use case anyone could think of, but I'm experimenting with using the controller as a 6DOF tracker for tracking real objects. However, as one would expec...

gedo831 by Protege
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Where's the Fiducial Marker Support?

Seriously, no raw data access to the camera, depth sensors, okay. Then why still missing built-in fiducial marker support like AprilTags or arUco in the SDK? Registration is such a core functionality when dealing with MR apps, and cannot replaced wit...

Hand occlusion with hand tracking

Basically, just use the vr hands (that are tracking on the real hands) as a mask to not show the menu when you hold your hand up in front of something digital (in mixed reality). You could make this a setting or not. This was done in the game "vr han...

Data-basing our children is not the answer.

Hello, fellow Meta community members,I wanted to bring up a discussion about the privacy and security measures Meta has in place for our children's accounts, especially considering the extensive amount of personal information collected. This includes...

Oculus Mixed reality capture issue

I was trying out the Mixed Reality Capture by Meta using Unreal Engine as per the documentation (, and the problem that I'm facing is that the virtual hand doesn't occlude over the physica...

shreyaskr2023_0-1704794026484.png ad.png sds.png

XR - using the scanned object specifications

Hello,Im currently working on a XR-Project with my Quest 3 and I need to be able to scan for example a window with the room-scanning, declare it as a window and then in Unity replace every Window with an image.Is it possible to access the object spec...

Caphter by Honored Guest
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Starter Quest Unity Project

So, one might assume that all Quest projects developed in Unity share 90% of interaction modes and features. I would assume this would mean Meta would have released a starter project that includes all of these.I've found "All In One SDK", but there's...

Mapping entire house rather than single room

I don't have a massive house, but have found it rather annoying having to remap every time I use the Meta Quest 3 in a different room.Is it possible to either have multiple boundary's (as it often will recognise if you are in the same one) that you c...

In UnrealEngine,how to change the motion controller in hand tracking

有谁知道我如何使用 MotionController 根据我的指尖位置进行更改?我发现在这个例子中,当我捡起一个物体时,它会根据手腕而变化,而判断它是否可以被捡起的范围也是基于手腕的,我想把它调整成我的食指尖,这样我就可以最大限度地减少我的手腕不小心碰到其他物体, 现在,我很容易得到离我手腕更近的物体,而不是靠近我手指的物体,我想改变它。

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dylis1216 by Honored Guest
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MRUK Create a new Scene

The documentation (Docs Link) says:Using Mixed Reality Utility Kit, the function MRUKRoom.IsPositionInRoom(Vector3 pos) can be used to check whether the camera rig pose is present in the loaded scene or not. If it is not, offer users to capture a new...

IseTM by Honored Guest
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Richiesta di contatto con Mark Zuckerberg

Gentile Supporto di Meta,Mi chiamo Alessandro e sono uno studente presso un istituto professionale.Anche se attualmente sto esplorando varie idee nel campo della tecnologia, ho un forte interesse nel campo della realtà virtuale e dell'elaborazione da...

combine external camera with oculus quest 3

We know that Meta does not allow third parties to access the camera data. However, I would like to develop an application that allows me to combine real objects in the virtual.I want to develop my application for Oculus Quest 3 in Unity, and I would ...

MaraJets by Honored Guest
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Customized Tracked Keyboard

Hello All,I frequently use the Quest 2 for productivity, and while the black-and-white passthrough is just fine for keyboards, I would much prefer the tracked option. However - and I am sure I am not alone in this - I am an avid mechanical keyboard e...