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Tracking while on a moving vehicle

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to prioritize vslam over acceleration when the player himself knows he is sitting in the ride. I would especially like to do this with quest pro. Currently, when a large acceleration is applied, the position is...

AR development assumption

Hi, guys I am quite a beginner at learning Quest development on Unity.I have tried to archive the passthrough function by Oculus Integration SDK package.But the question is that anyone who had tried combining the AR core or AR foundation or Vuforia, ...

Diabor by Level 2
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Resolved! Trying the desk feature to work - opinion

So, I have an excel project that I'm working on from home. Figured I'd try the new desktop feature on the quest to work on my computer. Drew in the keyboard area. I could have sworn last time I was playing around with this; the quest created a passth...

Large Roomscale alternative for Oculus

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to develop a game where 4 people can enter 1 large room and play together in 1 lobby. The room is a set dimension because this game will only be “playable” at a certain location. With it being a large play area I...

Metaverse Lands for Oculus Quest ??

does Meta [formerly Facebook] have specific metaverse lands platform for their products like as oculus quest 2? or have to use other platforms like as SomniumSpace?anybody have experienced with that?and what are the best platforms at the moment??any ...