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Resolved! Error uploading app via MQDH ("Installing CLI...")

Hi, I've recently updated MQDH to 4.5.0 and I've been unable to upload new app versions since.Trying to upload, I'm getting this message:"Error: spawn EBUSY"After trying to restart and try again a few times, I'm getting:"CLI not found or does not hav...

quest 3 newbie dev connect issue mistakes

Hi!So, day 1 and the Mrs has setup the quest, I've also got my Dev account but as a visitor / guest / additional profile. I'm trying to connect to mqdh but it won't connect. The instructions say "make sure you are logged in with the same account" and...

e.liam by Honored Guest
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Metrics Hud crashing Quest 2

I'm seeing the Metrics HUD crashing the quest 2 device.I install the apk from the MQDH, it restarts the headset, and then I get stuck a the "objects detected in area" visual with no UI to continue past it.Looking at ADB, my logs are filled with this:...


Quest Pro - Developer mode issue

Looking for help in getting the Quest Pro into developer mode. I have allowed the developer mode on the MQDH mobile app and within the headset however when I plug the USB-C cable into any computer it makes the noise as if something has connected but ...

APK No Longer Loading onto Headset

I've been able to package my game many times and drag and drop the .apk into the MQDH and it was working just fine. But today it suddenly stopped working. It shows the .apk loading then says the APK Successfully Installed, but the application isn't t...

Unable to add additional account to quest pro

Not able to connect the quest pro to neither mobile app nor quest developer hub. All the required settings are enabled including developer mode and the device gets recognised on the Developer hub but doesn't connect .The Only issue that I see is two ...

saik007 by Honored Guest
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