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Accepting Group Presence invites inside the app

Hi guys @OculusSupport , I'm implementing the multiplayer in my app using the Group Presence / Destinations APIs + Photon, using Unity 2020.Problem: - I can't find a way to let the users accept an invitation without going to the Notifications panel i...

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Group Presence Roster Panel is broken today

Hi guys,My app has been published in the store for more than two weeks no, but suddenly the Roster Panel is broken, so no one can invite friends or use multiplayer.I can see it is also broken in your example app Shared Spaces. Do you have an ETA for ...

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CPU level not increasing fast enough

Hi, I noticed that the Dynamic Clock Throttling is sometimes not fast enough to react to the CPU performance demand and even lowers the CPU level when it shouldn't. If I put the headset to sleep and wake up the headset after a few seconds I will have...

FPS drop due to CPU level.jpg

Use PC simultaneous with Quest

Hello all.I want to make a VR application where I have 2 players run on same app (local multiplayer game)1. Player 1 use PC (mouse/touchscreen)2. Player 2 use Quest 2.Some time we need input from player 1, some time we need input from player 2. Some ...