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Running 2 or more simultaneous VR apps on Quest

Hi everyone, I'm a PhD student working on a Meta Quest app for accessibility. My current pipeline intends to run a Quest app native on-headset, stream a live feed to a PC (which processes some data from the app), then route some data from the PC back...

dkiiro by Honored Guest
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SDK for Panel apps?

Hello, I am requesting that we get access to SDKs that allow one to develop native panel apps.Most apps/games on the platform are immersive apart from the OS apps. Since I learned that we can install android apps I find the quest to be more enjoyable...

Where to get the for Quest 2?

Hello, I'm testing out a game concept that uses the Paralution C++ library for efficient matrix calculations on the GPU. I currently have the library exported as a shared library (only a .dll for Windows at the moment) that exposes some extern method...

donpek by Honored Guest
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[Noob Question] Is Native deprecated

I was reading this tutorial seems like the setup progress has changed quite a bit from when the documentation is written. I try to find more resources on it but on youtube it really on...


Passthrough for Native C++ SDK

Hello,Is there a passthrough API for the Oculus Platform SDK? From what I've seen, Meta doesn't seem to provide the passthrough data for privacy reasons. I'd like to do something similar as Unity where we create a composited image. Specifically compo...

dko0313 by Honored Guest
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Is it OK to start a Quest 3 projec on Ubuntu?

I just realize that UE5 Meta XR plugin only works on Windows.How about Unity or Native? I want to start my project on Native with OpenXR Mobile SDK (in Ubuntu) if possible but the document seems quite outdated. I even failed to configure Hello World ...

lesomnus by Honored Guest
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Please bring back health connect or add fitbit

My wife and I use fit bits for daily activity and exercise and I was excited to add it to my quest 3 but found out the health connect app is no longer an option to sync. Please bring this back or integrate proper fitbit support like some of the fitne...

Subscription webhook

Are there any plans to work on subscription webhooks where our servers could subscribe to subscription-related events such as subscription cancellation (cancellation reason, date canceled, etc.), subscription purchase attempt (used promo codes, subsc...

Software requires root access

Hello! I would like to know if there is a way to install an x-system for oculus quest 2. I serve a software called A\VROS, and using it on Quest 2 would be possible, if I can get root access to android linux. Ofc, users need root access to install an...

Taivas by Protege
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Native Mesh and Depth API

Hi There,Yesterday Meta released two new APIs in the form of Unity and Unreal plugins for accessing depth map and scene mesh data from the Quest 3, however yet again I feel native developers have been left in the dark. I also know WebXR has these fea...

Emperor's Vigor Tonic Review: Should You Buy?

What is Emperor's Vigor Tonic?Emperor's Vigor Tonic is a nutritional supplement marketed primarily to men with erectile dysfunction. Each capsule of Emperor's Vigor Tonic contains a blend of ingredients designed to support sexual function in differen...

Using/viewing your phone in VR for Quest 2!

The ability to view or use your phone in VR remotely would be very helpful and easily integrated for Android phones! This would benefit a lot of users and also help with productivity for some that are active in VR quite often on the Quest 2 or the Qu...

Program runs with 90/180/270 degree rotation for no reason

I have an C app based on the Native/vrapi SDK (using the open source engine LOVR.ORG). It has been working more or less fine for a couple years. In the last month, I have stared seeing an unusual behavior. Sometimes, unpredictably, when I start the a...

mcc by Expert Protege
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Native SDK Validation Error

I am trying to build a VR app using the Native SDK provided. On closing the app I am receiving the following Validation Error on the line "ovr_DestroyTextureSwapChain(session, depthChain);". Does anyone knows what might the reason behind it and how t...

n0ddy by Explorer
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Native support for ODT (omnidirectional treadmills)?

Hello! Can an update be released that enables native support for for omnidirectional treadmills (the Kat Walk C2 for example), so our Quest headsets and the games in them directly work with ODTs, without needing a a PC to host. Just direct functional...

Arlen_K by Protege
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Euler Angles from HeadPose.ThePose.Orientation

How do I get euler angles of the oculus quest 2 headset? I tried using over_GetTrackingState, but I got invalid Y-axis rotation. X and Z angles work correctly, both in this printf test, and in the game I am integrating this into. The Y-axis is only a...

Entitlement check for native OpenXR apps

I just discovered today that you, as a developer, are supposed to run an entitlement check for any apps you publish in the Oculus Store. The related article, , makes use of a ovr...

Renderdoc for Quest: no Render Stage Trace

Following the instructions at I expected to see a render stage trace. But clicking the "oculus logo" button in the Event Browser has no effect for me, and the Tile Timeline...