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Native SDK Validation Error

I am trying to build a VR app using the Native SDK provided. On closing the app I am receiving the following Validation Error on the line "ovr_DestroyTextureSwapChain(session, depthChain);". Does anyone knows what might the reason behind it and how t...

n0ddy by Level 2
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Native support for ODT (omnidirectional treadmills)?

Hello! Can an update be released that enables native support for for omnidirectional treadmills (the Kat Walk C2 for example), so our Quest headsets and the games in them directly work with ODTs, without needing a a PC to host. Just direct functional...

ark1701 by Level 3
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Euler Angles from HeadPose.ThePose.Orientation

How do I get euler angles of the oculus quest 2 headset? I tried using over_GetTrackingState, but I got invalid Y-axis rotation. X and Z angles work correctly, both in this printf test, and in the game I am integrating this into. The Y-axis is only a...

Entitlement check for native OpenXR apps

I just discovered today that you, as a developer, are supposed to run an entitlement check for any apps you publish in the Oculus Store. The related article, , makes use of a ovr...

Renderdoc for Quest: no Render Stage Trace

Following the instructions at I expected to see a render stage trace. But clicking the "oculus logo" button in the Event Browser has no effect for me, and the Tile Timeline...

How Do I Get unity build on Oculus Desktop

Super beginner question, so I have unity VR build and I am able to upload my apk file to my oculus quest 2 directly. But I want to be able to play this game as a build on Oculus desktop. Is there a way to do this? Do I need to make it a standalone ap...

Where to get the for Quest 2?

Hello, I'm testing out a game concept that uses the Paralution C++ library for efficient matrix calculations on the GPU. I currently have the library exported as a shared library (only a .dll for Windows at the moment) that exposes some extern method...

donpek by Level 2
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Resolved! SIGSEGV when calling vrapi_SubmitFrame2()

I'm porting a game to Quest and so part of my work is to interface the engine's Vulkan renderer w/ the Oculus Mobile SDK.I believe I'm setting up the SDK correctly (I'm following the examples and the guidelines from Oculus' docs) but still I'm gettin...