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Issue with Browser and VR Mode

We've found that when we launch a View intent with a WebXR link from a third party application, the Oculus Browser doesn't always show VR Mode as an available option. This is true for Youtube, as well as products like 3D Vista. Is this a known issue?...

WebGL context lost after oculus browser update

HiI have encountered weird issue that is manifesting only on our Oculus Quest 2 after web browser update.If you open up Shapespark viewer on Oculus Browser in Oculus Quest 2 headset there is an issue with meeting mode. The WebGL Context is briefly lo...

120 fps in WebXR apps?

I get 'only' 90 fps yet in my WebXR "MiniMol" molecule viewer at See e.g. Is used navigator.xr.requestSession(SESSION_TYPE, {optionalFeatures: ['high...

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Oculus Browser - set start page?

I have a fleet of headsets through Oculus for Business. We deploy Oculus Browser on it for our WebXR project. Is it possible to change the start page in the browser, so that our site comes up automatically? If so, is it possible to do through Workpla...

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