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Oculus making Game Show games?

Can Oculus make Game Show VR games like. Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Press Your Luck, and Deal or No Deal with a Community Leaderboard and Online Multiplayer options? I think it would drastically increase revenue for Oculus and also create ...

KPenn806 by Honored Guest
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Glasses problem!

The original problem of scratching the surface with glasses is temporarily solved with a set of silicon spacers. The awkward part is that there are two different attachments for each eye (the hard plastic and the silicon), and sometimes they are disl...

lanhayfl by Honored Guest
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Getting hand position after pinch

Hey all,New to all of this and I am trying to record the position of hands in real time and after a pinch gesture. How do I access the hand tracking position? I currently have the following hierarchy with the Transform Feature State Provider script a...


How Fast does the AR Scene View Update'm reading these docs. I imagine the normal usecase is to scan a static unmoving room to build a scene model to find and interact with unmoving scene entities. If my table is a ...

Trouble with developer mode

I have had trouble turning developer mode on, on my Oculus quest 2. I have made an organization like 8 to be exact but it doesn't give me on option to turn on developer mode on the oculus app. After linking my oculus up, It just says get started but ...

Resolved! Testing without wearing headset? NATIVE

Hi,I have a quest 2 headset and I'm working with NATIVE samples, for example VrCubeWorld_SurfaceViewI dont want to use Unity or Unreal, just plain native platform, So, every time I make a change and want to test it I have to put on the headset and se...