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set oculus as active openxr doesn't work

Hello everybody,I try to click on "set oculus as active openxr" but it doesn't work. I am not an administror user on my pc, I saw that other persons in the same case have the problem. I tried what I saw on the furums : run the Meta Quest Link app as ...


Is it OK to start a Quest 3 projec on Ubuntu?

I just realize that UE5 Meta XR plugin only works on Windows.How about Unity or Native? I want to start my project on Native with OpenXR Mobile SDK (in Ubuntu) if possible but the document seems quite outdated. I even failed to configure Hello World ...

lesomnus by Honored Guest
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Native Mesh and Depth API

Hi There,Yesterday Meta released two new APIs in the form of Unity and Unreal plugins for accessing depth map and scene mesh data from the Quest 3, however yet again I feel native developers have been left in the dark. I also know WebXR has these fea...

Finding Boundary Coordinates?

I'm developing a simulation in the Quest 2 using Unity and would like to access the boundary coordinates. In the past, there was a GetGeometry option but it appears to have been deprecated. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Quest 2 Resolution Scaling in Unity

Does anyone else have an issue with resolution scaling in Unity 2021.3.16f1 and Oculus URP? We're using Vulkan, OculusXR Feature, single pass instanced render mode, late latching, subsampled layout, and ASW. So with the current requirements, we need ...

I cant't turn on OpenXR.

So for some reason I can't turn on OpenXR on my oculus quest 2. I've updated the app and the headset but to no avail. I don't know what else to do and meta support was not helpful. So I need help.

Memory Error when opening the overlay menu

While monitoring the Android logs, and running my Unity Quest game, and pressing the Oculus button to open the overlay menu, I get this wierd memory error: error getting shared memory region, memory type: Controller, failed with Status(-1, EX_SECURIT...

Sandstedt by Expert Protege
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Resolved! Movement SDK

Not able to find movement SDK in Oculus Integration SDK v46. Am I missing something or its actually not shipped yet?

metadev69 by Honored Guest
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Movement SDK features fail to start on Quest Pro

I've been trying to access the new Eye and Face Tracking features of the Quest Pro using the latest Integration SDK (46.0), though I am having some trouble.OVRPlugin.StartFaceTracking() fails (Failure, error code -1000), and OVRPlugin.faceTrackingSup...