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Is there anyway to play Oculus rift games on

Hi there! I wanted to play Boneworks on my Meta Quest but it‘s only available on Rift or Rift S.But my PC is very bad so i can‘t play it on my PC. My PC has only 4 GB ram. So i wanted to ask if there is a way to play Boneworks on my Meta Quest withou...

DoretoXD by Honored Guest
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6 Month Feedback - Sailboat use review

I use my headset on a Sailboat and in a marine environment - which is exposed to dynamic motion ALOT. hahaI left a couple of notes here - sadly - I feel they may become lost to the ether, but so be it. C'est la Vie. WebsiteI am happy to say - that wh...

VIPYR by Honored Guest
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my org

its not letting me verify my org just lemme publish a game 

Bot_vr by Honored Guest
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Mapping entire house rather than single room

I don't have a massive house, but have found it rather annoying having to remap every time I use the Meta Quest 3 in a different room.Is it possible to either have multiple boundary's (as it often will recognise if you are in the same one) that you c...

Richiesta di contatto con Mark Zuckerberg

Gentile Supporto di Meta,Mi chiamo Alessandro e sono uno studente presso un istituto professionale.Anche se attualmente sto esplorando varie idee nel campo della tecnologia, ho un forte interesse nel campo della realtà virtuale e dell'elaborazione da...


I reset my PC and forgot to backup my keystore and I can't figure out how to reset it or get it back. Does anyone know how to get it back from my apk so I can update it or something like that? I might have it backed up on my other PC but the hard dri...

Review Ringtone Selection

Ringtone Selection:Sometimes, the chosen suonerie gratis mp3 download might have been accidentally changed. Go to your device's sound settings and select the desired ringtone for calls and notifications. Default Ringtone:If you've customized ringtone...

Start a video when you put the helmet on

Hello everybody, I would like to program my oculus for an exhibition. I did a VR 360 video that I wanna show to my audience trough an oculus meta quest 2. The best way to do it for me is when people put the headset on the video start and when they re...

Game crashing when recording (According to logs)

Game is Tracejava.lang.Error: FATAL EXCEPTION [Thread-3]Unity version : 2021.3.25f1Device model : Oculus ...

Taskboard and menu

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to post this.. I wanted to know if it's possible making the taskboard move with you on quest 2 VR headset: for example-I have a tab opened watching a video in AR (so I can see through the passthrough) an...

NaderJF by Explorer
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Meta/Oculus in 🇮🇳 India! Please

We want oculus services to run in India and we want meta in India So That Everyone in India could afford without the taxes of exporting and importing it it costs ₹15,000 ($200) And For the 256Gb varient it costs ($250) more just for shipping  it wou...


So this happened while I was playing on my quest 2, with full battery, charged controllers, and the latest software update. I was playing the amazing game known as COMPOUND, a 90s style hardcore rougelite shooter, rougelite meaning NO save files whic...

Mnning by Honored Guest
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Resolved! We failed to access your Privacy Policy URL

I received a message from Meta: "In order to continue offering a safe and secure platform, we require all developers to maintain a publicly available privacy policy that clearly articulates your collection, use, and processing of user data and to pro...

Unable to redeem free Beat Saber

Received the email to redeem Beat Saber that come with purchase the Quest 2. Click on redeem but it shows “Unable to load. Please try again later”. I have been trying so many times so many times but still unable to load. The offer expires on 12/17/20...