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Meta/Oculus in 🇮🇳 India! Please

We want oculus services to run in India and we want meta in India So That Everyone in India could afford without the taxes of exporting and importing it it costs ₹15,000 ($200) And For the 256Gb varient it costs ($250) more just for shipping  it wou...


So this happened while I was playing on my quest 2, with full battery, charged controllers, and the latest software update. I was playing the amazing game known as COMPOUND, a 90s style hardcore rougelite shooter, rougelite meaning NO save files whic...

Mnning by Level 2
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Resolved! We failed to access your Privacy Policy URL

I received a message from Meta: "In order to continue offering a safe and secure platform, we require all developers to maintain a publicly available privacy policy that clearly articulates your collection, use, and processing of user data and to pro...

Unable to redeem free Beat Saber

Received the email to redeem Beat Saber that come with purchase the Quest 2. Click on redeem but it shows “Unable to load. Please try again later”. I have been trying so many times so many times but still unable to load. The offer expires on 12/17/20...

Hopeful integration of steam in oculus store

Hi, I was just thinking if it’s possible or not for a steam app to be released on the oculus store for quest and quest 2. This app would let us play pc games on your all in one headset without a high end pc. Meanwhile on pc, steam could have a sectio...

Jeddley by Level 2
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Connecting with Horizon Worlds Staff

I have been playing Horizon Worlds for a few months now and I love it. There is so much flexibility and creativity. I really see the potential for large-scale adoption. I have a few ideas and pieces of feedback I would like to give to the staff as we...