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OVR Metric Tool + AirLink do not save metrics

Dear Quest development community, I have an issue when using OVR Metric tool with AirLink.OVR Metric tool is correctly installed and I am using it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub. Everything is fine, when I am using it with a VR app running on t...


Disable the "Controllers not connected" message

Hi, Please help. I developed an app that doesn't require controllers, hands, or gaze (just relax and watch).But after a while, the users get an annoying "(Right \ Left) Controllers not connected, press any key" popup message at each run. Is there a w...

avivXR by Explorer
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Hand Tracking not working in release

Hi- I've setup my project with controllers as hands as per and when run in development mode, all of my interactables work great. If I build in release mode, however...

arvinkx by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Passthrough API no longer working

Hey all, I am currently working on an application that uses the Passthrough API available for unity and everything has been honky dory. Until this morning. Knowing that I have to use powershell to get the API to work every time I turn on my Quest 2, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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