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Unity Quest 3 Multithreaded performance

Hello, I noticed that in Unity (2022.3.15) when I want to use multithreading I only have 2 Job workers available. On PC I have many more, the question is if there is a setting or Quest 3 gives only 2 threads to use ? Thank you in advance.  

2024-01-09 14_39_16-Window.png

extended periods threshhold

Hello,I am working with a developer who is creating their first VR App/game. When reviewing the VRCs, in particular the VRC.Quest.Performance.1 test case. The expected results readsThe application should not experience extended periods of framerate b...

Optimization extensions for Vulkan

It would be great to have performance counters and shader disassembly built right into Vulkan. Check out VK_AMD_shader_info, this way we can dump disassembly into logcat or even display in the app itself!It would be really cool if you would give us a...

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Advanced GPU OVR metrics not working

I've been using OVR Metrics HUD with the advanced GPU metrics since it was made available, and for the most part it has worked very well. Lately though it just stopped working and is giving me garbage values, and I've tried factory resetting, downloa...