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Cannot get a list of user's friends in a build

Users. is not firing the callback in a build. When we run the game in the Unity Editor, everything works as expected. The editor uses the AppId of the Rift version of the app while the build is running on the headset directly and using the AppID of t...

SharedUserID is breaking deeplinking

We're running into an issue with our apps, trying to use the Deeplinking system in Unreal 4.27, our app is targeting SDK 32, minimum 29.Once we call the LaunchOtherApp function, we see the app flashing, either to black if the deeplink target app is i...

Oculus API entitlement check failure

Hi everyone - I am trying to use the Oculus leaderboards API in my app 'Dungeon of Nekros'. I am using Unity 2019.4.28f1 and the Oculus XR Plugin v1.5.1. The call to entitlement check keeps failing when in Unity and also when in the standalone app. T...