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VR in moving vehicle Rendering issue

I am working on a project which involves using meta quest 3 in Rift mode while inside a moving vehicle. We are attempting to display lidar information as a customer demo and visualization tool.We have run into the usual suspects while doing this (e.g...

Camera motion in passthrough

Hi! I am working on developing an app that rotates or translates the field of view during passthrough at different rates. I was wondering if there was a way to have the cameras on the Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro track a virtual object that moves back and...

Position of OVRCameraRig

I am just starting out on the MQP and Unity development. I removed the camera, and put in an OVRCameraRig. Set up everything for passthru (not that it matters). In my scene, I have a planet about 0.5 meters deep in Z. I fire up Unity and as I move my...