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Trouble Getting Room Setup to Work with Unity

I followed this tutorial which is pretty extensive to getting room setup data in Unity. I downloaded the github repo with the exact same Unity version, and the room setup ...

meta-xr-unity1.jpg Screenshot 2024-05-16 205704.png

Beta testing age requirement

The age requirement for beta testing a game should be that game's age rating so A. It still avoids younger audiences from going on inappropriate games. B. More people can help with the beta testing because kids usually have more free time than adults...

How to set gpu and cpu level

Hi I've read the Oculus / Meta online docs on how to set gpu and cpu level, done many internet searches, but I can't get the gpu level above 2 in my app, as displayed by OVR Metrics Tools.I'm only really interested in gpu level as it's the gpu that ...

Crisy6 by Explorer
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Running 2 or more simultaneous VR apps on Quest

Hi everyone, I'm a PhD student working on a Meta Quest app for accessibility. My current pipeline intends to run a Quest app native on-headset, stream a live feed to a PC (which processes some data from the app), then route some data from the PC back...

dkiiro by Honored Guest
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Opening app permissions tab in system settings

If the user is prompted for record audio permissions for voice chat and they decline, we turn off an option in the settings menu. so then in future if they choose they can goto the settings they can turn it on again and it will show the permissions d...

internalDataPath Synced Across Devices?

We are currently writing out some data to the internalDataPath directory found in the ANativeActivity struct. During development this was fine, but we are now testing the app in the App Lab, and it appears that this directory is synced across devices...

kgraus by Explorer
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Colocation for Mixed Reality

Hello,I'm trying to make a local mixed reality board game between to players on the Quest 2. Currently I am using the colocation building block and Netcode for game objects to achieve this, my players are connecting but they aren't aligned to where t...

IAP. GetProductsBySKU returning 500

Hi, Recently IAP.GetProductsBySKU started failing in Unity app withCode: 20001, HTTPCode: 500, Message: {"error":{"X-FB-Debug":"Qdys/WoLVIZztE3uCQ2y79x2u6OpDuLsmjqeA/hIMC8kYvC1iArjkvnhLYRRhycciBo3z8qpVvWomk1AM4F9hQ==","code":1,"message":"An unknown e...

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 22.22.01.png Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 22.23.43.png
k.617342 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Starting another application using intents

I've implemented a native Android plugin that I call from Unity C# script to start another application using an intent like so:Intent launchIntent = context.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(packageName);if (launchIntent != null) { Log.d(...

sebrk by Explorer
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Quest3 World Coordinate System

I created a demo scene to obtain the coordinate position of Quest3 itself, as seen in the picture, but I found a problem. I put on Quest3, facing A, B, and C directions respectively. After turning on and drawing the boundary, the Z-axis and X-axis di...

CAPYUAN by Explorer
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Admin verification under review

Hey, I have released an app but my admin verification has been pending since a week. On the website it says that it takes 48 hours. I have tried verifying again by clicking on this link: but now it just r...

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Different package files for different headsets?

In the meta store, is there a way to upload different package files for different headsets? I want to have a different .package for the Quest 1 and Quest 2+.I have found a sort of way to do it. I can upload the quest 1 version then quest 2 with subse...

Possible to deep link from phone app to Quest headset?

Here's the use case I'd like to implement:- A first user shares a link on their phone which deep links back to a piece of content in a Quest app (the user shares the link in a caption on a social post, they post it online via a mobile browser, send i...

tydosh by Explorer
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Setting up Multimodal hands & controllers

Hi,I am trying to run Multimodal feature outlined in Meta recent blog posts ( device is Quest Pro with OS version and Quest Pro controllers. I am working i...


Selling Physical Goods in VR In-app

I plan to develop a shopping mall app, distribute it for free on the Meta Store, and allow users to freely observe clothes on mannequins in a virtual space, similar to a real shopping mall app, and order them. I have the following questions:1. Does a...

Can't test IAP: "something went wrong"

Hello,I completed following steps to integrate IAP into the app:- Data Use Checkup is completed and approved;- IAP are enabled on dashboard;- Addons are created, all of them have SKU, name, price, description and published status;- On the app's side,...

aesee.npc by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Pulling the sword from the stone!

Question for everyone. I am attempting to use The Meta XR Interaction SDK (v64.0 on Unity 2022.3) to pull a sword from a stone. The sword uses Meta's 'One Grab Free Transformer' with constraints on the X,Z to prevent the sword from wobbling. At a cer...

Avotas by Explorer
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