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Quest 3 color profile

Hi thereI was looking into what is the default color profile on Quest 3 and couldn't find a certain answer to that.Is it Rift CV1 or rec.709 or rec.2020? all i found from meta actual documents was this color management guide but looks like its outdat...

cntntn by Honored Guest
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Export space mesh scanned on quest 3?

Hey,To cut to the chase, I want to scan my entire house, then export the space so I can load it into a 3D model.This is so I can take that low poly version of my house interior, and make my own 3D model around it. (Which would be super simple walls, ...

tedats by Explorer
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Unity Quest 3 Game or App Support

Dear Meta Community, I am writing to seek guidance and assistance regarding the development of a Unity VR program for my project, which focuses on a VR rehabilitation system. The project involves the creation of three distinct environments within Uni...

Gsmiga125 by Honored Guest
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combine external camera with oculus quest 3

We know that Meta does not allow third parties to access the camera data. However, I would like to develop an application that allows me to combine real objects in the virtual.I want to develop my application for Oculus Quest 3 in Unity, and I would ...

MaraJets by Honored Guest
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