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Headset keeps freezing

Hi im destiny,And i have a issue my quest 2 keeps freezing if it using memory, When it using memory my headset it also get hot not normal warm or something realy hot, On a cold start and while using it it freezes a lot.What do i mean with freezes lik...

About Text to speech other than English

Hello.As a premise I am new to VR development. I would like to do text to speech with MetaQuest2, and I have deployed the VoiceSDK in Unity to check the specifications. I have confirmed that I can deploy a scene (TTSSample) in Unity and read out the ...


Meta theme environment scene example?

I would be happy to take a sneaky look at the home scenes from Meta to understand how the hell they reach 72 fps with that level of detail I can't get more than 40fps on a yet optimized simple scene of my own, whatever I use (baked lightmap only, mi...

Spectator Mode for Quest2

Accidently posted in the Comunity Forums by accident before hopefully someone in here might know a bit more. Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate ca...

Inquires on try before you buy feature

Dear Meta Dev Support,As an developer I am writing to inquire about the "Try Before You Buy" feature on Meta. Could you please provide more information about what this feature is and how it works? Specifically, I would like to know if the package inc...

Quest 2 not authorizing adb wifi connection

Meta docs and many forum posts seem to indicate that it is possible to connect adb to a Quest 2 over WiFi, as it is to older Oculus hmds. But it is not working for me.I am on a Win10 laptop. When I connect the Quest 2 via usb, it presents an authoriz...

Quest 2 Recording

Hello I'm ProCheese and I have a problem with the Quest 2 Recording. The recording I believe is Something like 1600x900 and 30fps Which is fine but the problem is when you turn your mic on for the recording your voice is so quiet. You can barely hear...

ProCheese by Honored Guest
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Quest brightness

Im already with the latest V33 and the brighness slider. But with the lowest brightness and darkmode on, its still burning my eyes! I need more lower brightness choice for keeping my eyes working and for the battery lifetime!There are already some ap...

Fxcher by Honored Guest
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How to handl 15+ Gb of video files for AppLab?

Hi.I have an app where I used the internal storage /Movies folder to store 360 videos for an app. This was fine when I was developing but now that I would like the app on AppLab this doesn't seem to be a god way.So far I have found that I have to spl...