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Scale seems off on Quest 3

Hi guys,Grabbed a Quest 3, downloaded my game from app lab and the scale of everything seems about 20% bigger. Most noticeable on the hands for obvious reasons but it seems to be the entire game.Its lik the overall world scale is now wrong.Has anybod...

DPGames by Explorer
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Floor level too high

I am using quest pro and Unity for development. Getting the floor level using OVRSceneRoom.Floor.transform.position.When I am using Unity editor the floor level is perfectly fine. But when I build into apk and install it on my headset, the floor leve...

How to set a larger boundary in Quest?

I’ve been developing a software that aims to replicate a one-to-one mapping with physical space. However, as expected, I’ve run into limitations with the rather modest boundary size. After checking forums, I noticed that many other developers face si...

Export space mesh scanned on quest 3?

Hey,To cut to the chase, I want to scan my entire house, then export the space so I can load it into a 3D model.This is so I can take that low poly version of my house interior, and make my own 3D model around it. (Which would be super simple walls, ...

tedats by Explorer
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Spatial Anchor not loading after saving

I am using deprecated Methods for creating and loading my spatial anchor in the game. But its not loaded again after saving. I also Update my rig with the building blocks.And in the building blocks Spatial Anchor Core I am not able to get the spatial...

SDK for Panel apps?

Hello, I am requesting that we get access to SDKs that allow one to develop native panel apps.Most apps/games on the platform are immersive apart from the OS apps. Since I learned that we can install android apps I find the quest to be more enjoyable...

Entitlement checking no longer a requirement?

An Oculus developer support person just replied to my request for help in getting Entitlement checking to work in my app.She suggested that Entitlement checking is no longer a requirement.I have not heard that, has anyone else?Thanks,Larry

ADB with wifi without a usb connection

Hi there,We have a VR project, which requires us to use 20-40 Quest 2s and a mobile hotspot device for a local network. Our project consists of several .apk files installed into our devices, and we use MQDH to send adb scripts so we can launch them o...

ercanert by Honored Guest
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How do you use Unreal Engine Dynamic Shadows?

So I've been struggling to get some dynamic shadows running on my Unreal 5.2.1 project,and I really want to use at least a few of them in my horror game, especially since the Quest 3'sGPU is approaching usable territory in that regard. Unreal's docum...

Casting not available for app users

Our app was recently accepted for App Lab store, and now the users report that Casting functionality is unavailable in the app.When app is installed on device in developer mode, casting does work properly. But for the app installed from the store on ...

Passthrough for Native C++ SDK

Hello,Is there a passthrough API for the Oculus Platform SDK? From what I've seen, Meta doesn't seem to provide the passthrough data for privacy reasons. I'd like to do something similar as Unity where we create a composited image. Specifically compo...

dko0313 by Honored Guest
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Guidance on Excluding Folders from Cloud Backups

I wanted to address a concern regarding the storage of certain files, particularly video thumbnails, on Meta cloud. These thumbnails can be quite large and may lead to exceeding the storage limit for cloud backups. However, thumbnails are not essenti...

zoexring by Honored Guest
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Is it OK to start a Quest 3 projec on Ubuntu?

I just realize that UE5 Meta XR plugin only works on Windows.How about Unity or Native? I want to start my project on Native with OpenXR Mobile SDK (in Ubuntu) if possible but the document seems quite outdated. I even failed to configure Hello World ...

lesomnus by Honored Guest
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