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How to remove Quest 1 Support from app unity

Hi,I made an app on Applab and I would like to remove Quest 1 support from the store page. How would I remove Quest 1 support? I would only like to support my app using Quest 2 or pro. I am using the Unity game engine. Is there a screenshot of the ed...

jo78970 by Level 4
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Is it possible to detect when crossing eyes?

Hi,In Meta Quest Pro, Unity (2022.2.11) and latest Quest Integration plugin (50),Is it possible to detect if player is crossing their eyes?My test was to add OVREyeGaze to two objects (each set with its corresponding Left/Right eye value), placed the...

guywald by Level 2
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immersive walk abouts

When my son played videos games i would get him to just 'walk around the set' so i could see the environment. Then i found on youtube folks would 'edit out' the game part and just play it as a 'movie'. i now have a quest 2 and i LOVE the home backgro...

dug60 by Level 2
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Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...

Stencil Buffer Seems to be disabled on Quest Pro

Hi there, I am making a demo that has a portal in it. I am using a stencil buffer for it. Everything looks great in Unity but when I load it onto my Quest Pro the objects do not get cropped to the portal edges. It's almost like there is no stencil bu...

App review taking too long

Hi,I had submitted my App for review in October first week. It shows still under review. I had submitted another app a few months before and the review process happened within 3-4 weeks. But now it seems to be taking forever. Is everyone having the s...

Open Store Page from Unity app

I've trying to add a deep link to the store page to another app (from a demo version of the game to the main version store page). I have something working but it seems to only work every second time and I'm totally lost to why. This is the code I'm u...

Tracked keyboard

I wonder if there is a tracked keyboard with nordic layout for Quest 2? Preferebly an all in one. It is hopeless to work when you cannot se what you are doing on the keyboard... I work in Virtual Desktop.

How to erase cloud anchors

Hi, I'm trying to control spatial anchors. Loading cloud anchors or erasing local anchors works fine.But erasing action of saved cloud anchors always returns error. anybody else having this issue? This is my code: var option = new OVRSpatialAnchor.Er...

Handtracking - Small hands

Hello!I've been developing for Quest Pro and strictly using passthrough with handtracking. I can't get over how small the handmesh is compared to my hands. I've never realised how poor this scale of the handmesh actually is because in VR you can't co...

Quest PRO Controller has not update and Stucks at 0%

I received my QuestPro controller today and tried to use it with my Quest2, but for some reason it didn't work. I have tried all the solutions I have found on the internet. I have tried all of the following solutions and have not been able to use the...

WhatsApp画像 2023-02-11 18.43.42.jpg

Quest 2 does not showing up on PC whil in dev mode

My Problem:when I try to connect my Quest 2 to the PC (Win 10) while dev mode is on and allow to access data, it does not showing up as device. I tried every solution last 2 days and nothing seems to work (including updating all drivers). However my ...

tseghus by Level 2
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Finding Boundary Coordinates?

I'm developing a simulation in the Quest 2 using Unity and would like to access the boundary coordinates. In the past, there was a GetGeometry option but it appears to have been deprecated. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Virtual Glasses

If all glasses do is warp the way that light hits our eyes to make our vision clearer, then do you think it would be possible to code a VR headset to take a glasses prescription and change the way it presents images to mimic the glasses and clear the...

extended periods threshhold

Hello,I am working with a developer who is creating their first VR App/game. When reviewing the VRCs, in particular the VRC.Quest.Performance.1 test case. The expected results readsThe application should not experience extended periods of framerate b...

[Quest] Weird Canvas Render behaviour

Weird one - canvas rendering fine in the editor, but when the scene loads in the build the canvas won't render (all canvas is black, rest of scene is fine)however, on rollover i can still click a button - and when i do, the canvas moves into the conf...

edinky by Level 4
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My Quest 2 set recently started showing purple ghosts of objects in my surroundings. They disappear if I put my hand in front of the visor. It is sometimes minimal and at other times so bad I have to stop playing.

Streaming Spectator to Custom Web Application

Hi all,I'm working on a learning VR application in UE5 for quest devices. One issue I've been grappling with for the past few weeks is the ability to stream the perspective of the headset to a web server. I want teachers to be able to just click on t...