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Spatial Anchor Sharing using router without internet

Hello,I am currently working on a MR app using Unreal Engine 5.3.2 and we have successfully implemented spatial anchor sharing within our app for local multiplayer on an internet connection. However, for security reasons, we need our app to work with...

jatalCXR by Honored Guest
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Resolved! About the use of spatial anchor

Can I transfer the spatial anchor data saved locally to others over the network? What if I upload the trace data stored in local space to my own cloud server and then forward it to other users?

Spatial Anchor Cloud Save Fails

Hello, I'm trying to use "Shared Spatial Anchor" API in my project. When I try to Cloud Save my anchors, sometimes it succeeds but sometimes it fails. And somecase this Quest 2 device works but the other Quest 2 devices doesn't work. Please tell me w...

Resolved! Unable to save spatial anchors to cloud

Trying to share spatial anchors to other local players.The anchor is created without problem and getting a Uuid. Can save the anchor locally without problem.But changing to StorageLocation.Cloud results in error.saveOptions.Storage = OVRSpace.Storage...

Spatial Anchor and SceneModel/Actors persistency

Hello!I've recently begun my first journey into Spatial Anchors on Unreal Engine but found myself with a bunch of questions that I thought someone out here might know since it's not really explicitly mentioned on these page: - https://developer.oculu...

Resolved! Spatial Anchor example scene broken

I've just updated the unity integration package v35 and decided to try out the new feature - spatial anchor.However, the Spatial Anchors Sample App doesn't seem to work. When in "Create mode" and pressing "A", nothing happens! There's also a script m...

Spatial Anchors - why track them per frame?

I'm learning about spatial anchors. My test app can create them, make them persistent between sessions and query them at startup. So at the start of the app, you can query them, make them trackable and display specific content at their location. My q...