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Opening Store page from Unreal

So we want to be able to open the apps store page from inside the app, to show all the possible DLC/addons available for purchase.Is there a way to do this? So far I've only found a Unity method that involves directly invoking the store via Android I...

Store video updates don't work

I've been posting videos along with my app updates, but only see a thumbnail of them on the web Quest Store. They do play in the Meta Quest phone app, but the "audio toggle" does nothing so they're always silent. For instance Pro Feature Swap and Mor...

Do DLCs have to be uploaded to the store

Hi all, had a quick question about DLCs/the documentation. The Oculus Add-On Documentation says, "If your Add-on requires additional files that are not provided in your main app package, such as DLC, you must upload these to the Meta Quest Store." Do...

Meta data approval taking way too long

I submitted for metadata approval for my app in App Lab more than 2 weeks ago. It still sitting in Submitted state which is hurting my apps sales. How long do such approvals take? It used to be a few days but seems like it has become much worse after...

Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...

App Submission

I submitted my rift app for review by the Meta Quest Store Review Team. The current status is showing that the app is crashing on starting but in my store it is working completely fine. The exact message is "TEST BLOCKER - The app crashes after launc...

n0ddy by Honored Guest
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How to remove Quest 1 Support from app unity

Hi,I made an app on Applab and I would like to remove Quest 1 support from the store page. How would I remove Quest 1 support? I would only like to support my app using Quest 2 or pro. I am using the Unity game engine. Is there a screenshot of the ed...

jo78970 by Protege
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Instagram and Portal TV Development

Hi all!! Thought you would like to hear my idea for development. I think awesome things to come with Instagram and Quest 2. How about Portal TV behaving like PS VR camera for Quest Headset and Portal TV camera scanning human for Instagram virtual int...

jasemon by Honored Guest
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Changing from paid to Free to play

What's the best way to change Quest app from paid to free to play? I want to make sure the users who paid for the app do not lose any functionality which would be available in free to play app for purchase. They should not have to purchase the in app...

Trying to upload app but getting error

* Your copy of Oculus Platform Command Line Utility is old. ** Version has been released on Fri Oct 08 2021. ** Please use the following command to update it: ** > \AppData\Roaming\odh\ovr-platform-util.exe self-update * [1mValidating b...

No referral credit

Hello,I received a referral link to be referred by a friend, so I registered and I accepted the referral to then activate for the first time my quest 2, but unfortunately I did not get the 30 credits afterwards. I was not yet friends with the person ...

Quest 1 wiped and unusable after OS v38 autoupdate

Hello, Yesterday I started up my Quest 1 to find that it had auto-updated to OS v38, and all the unit's internal save data had been erased. In addition, I'm not able to access the Store to install anything (I just get "Oops! Nothing to show here."), ...

TR606 by Honored Guest
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Hopeful integration of steam in oculus store

Hi, I was just thinking if it’s possible or not for a steam app to be released on the oculus store for quest and quest 2. This app would let us play pc games on your all in one headset without a high end pc. Meanwhile on pc, steam could have a sectio...

Jeddley by Honored Guest
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Data Use Checkup

Data Use Check up needs to be more clear in its needs for a game just checking every box for user id and profile makes no sense. Also it should not be locked if you cancel a submission.

No update from Oculus Developer Dashboard....!

I just need to know how long will take to publish the app on Oculus store, we've developed and uploaded the our VR app on developer dashboard a month ago, it is available through App Lab couple of minutes later after uploaded. But since then no more ...

Does App Lab/Store support 2D app?

I want to develop a toolkit app for quest2, this app would be a 2D app just like traditional Android app. I want to know whether App Lab/Quest store support this kind for app, thanks