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Travel mode is simple

Use the non domimant controller as a point of constant reference, with multi modal now live you can now allow the user to use the non dominant controller while maintaining two points of control, the non dominant controller can be set down or clipped ...

External object tracking

Now that the passthrough API is available I was hoping I could use it to scan a QR code or AR tag,however, the camera layer is not available to us as developers, which I can understand but this limits so much on the AR front. Why wouldn't there be an...

Creating Tracked keyboard-like items

Hello everyone!TLDR: I am not a programmer! I am hoping to chat with someone about creating a tracked "keyboard" and ask how difficult it is to do.I am a Lighting Designer. One way I wish to use VR is to pre-vis my shows. The workflow I am imagining ...

Controller tracking and refresh rate

I'm looking for an in-depth understanding of Quest 2 controller tracking and differences between 72hz and 90hz headset refresh rate. Does the controller actually track any differently between these two settings? My understanding is the controller tra...

Axmit by Explorer
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Quest 1

My right controller doesn’t work with the tracking. I tried everything. I reset my whole quest to new. I tried to link it again didnt work. Nothing works

Roomscale Tracking inconsistent

Hi Everyone,I developed an app where there are 3D Models in VR, which represent furniture in real life.The purpose of this app is to see the furniture in VR but feel it in real life.The problem is, that the tracking of the real world has to be consis...

Snowjeti by Honored Guest
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