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Quest now unusable for developers and demos

I have an application that we are constantly modifying and before publishing the application to App Lab we sideload the APK for testing. This testing APK allows access to settings otherwise not available in our App Lab build. As of late the device is...

App don't start after updating from AppLab

My app I am developing is not starting after an update until we restart the device. We are using Unity 2021.3 with addressables and spliting the app into apk and obb. Seems like the addressables are not correctly found after the update. It happened i...

guila64 by Honored Guest
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Store video updates don't work

I've been posting videos along with my app updates, but only see a thumbnail of them on the web Quest Store. They do play in the Meta Quest phone app, but the "audio toggle" does nothing so they're always silent. For instance Pro Feature Swap and Mor...

Quest 1 stuck on an old build

Hello,Recently I pushed v1.0.2 of my game (Home Detective) on App Lab, and when I browse to it on my Quest 2, I download that version, all hunky dory.However, when I download it using my Quest 1, I get an old build, v1.0.1. There is no prompt to upda...