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SpeechRecognition in webxr

I was using a third party component to do speech recognition in webxr, but then realized there is a browser api for this. Quickly changed app to use this and realized it doesn't seem to be exposed on meta quest2. Anyone know if that's on the roadmap ...

Getting to Android 32 with Unreal 4.27.2

Hi all, Quick summary here of what we needed to do to get our app(s) updated to API 32 - with Unreal 4.27.2A bunch of this info seems spread out in other posts and I though collecting it in one spot might save others some painUpdating to API 32:- usi...

daver99 by Protege
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Microphone permission prompt not showing up

I am developing on Quest 2. I am using the Agora RTC SDK which would access the microphone for voice input. I specified the permission in the AndroidManifest.xml file, and also ask it in the Unity code for access. However, the prompt isn't showing up...

rickagora by Honored Guest
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