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Meta Avatar Hands Not Tracking

I made an Unity VR project using the Oculus Integration plugin and the OVR Avatar2 sdk.Sometimes, in build, the hands/arms of the avatar puppet don't follow the controllers pose.The controller still work, because it's possible pointing, teleporting, ...

Avatar2 full body and leg animations

Hey,I am attempting to use the Oculus Avatar system, which has some level of support for the full body Avatar including legs. But I cannot find any documentation, examples, samples, or posts talking about how I am supposed to set the feet/legs. I fin...

Avatar SDK DllNotFoundException

I recently started working with the Avatar SDK, Platform SDK, etc in Unity 2021.3.28f1 and am constantly butting up against DllNotFound exceptions (below)Sometimes, deleting the Library folding fixes it... but I just did it again and it still happene...


How to connect a Wrist UI to a Meta Avatar?

I have a wrist UI right now connected to LeftHandAnchor.Unfortunately with this, I have to give fixed offsets and sizes.How can I connect this to the Meta Avatar in a way, that I can put it above the skin of the wrist, like a smart watch and even siz...

Avatar Custom Shaders not workiong

I'm trying to tune the meta avatar shading. I'm following the docs on how to use custom shaders, but except for the horizon and khronos examples, all shaders have this issue where the avatar does not seem to get animated. It just sits sideways. I thi...

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