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Issues with the APK during validation

I'm having problems with my app's Manifest, I want to publish it on the ALPHA channel, but when building I get errors, even using "Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml"I tried to debug, I added: |android:exported="true"| and |android:installLo...


Unity Oculus Build failed with IL2CPP

Building an oculus app with Unity 2020.x IL2CPP with target architecture arm64 failed for:Exception: Failed running "response.rsp"stdout:Fatal error in Unity CIL LinkerSystem.InvalidOperationException: No action for the assembly TinCan, Version=1.3.0...

Shaders missing in build

So I'm working on a VR game for the oculus quest using Unity 2020.3.6f1 and have gotten to a point where I am pretty happy with the look in unity. But when I exported it to standalone a lot of shaders were missing, the particle systems, the linerende...

Resolved! Version Number

Hi, I'm having an issue with android version not updating. I'm developing an apk with Unity3D for the Quest and Quest 2. The first submission on AppLab came back with some feedback which I've addressed, and I tried to upload a new build for submissio...


Hi, I'm trying to build a test application using unity after changing PC (it use to run and work fine). Now when I try to build and run I get this very long list of errors:Any idea of how to deal with this problem? Thanks. CommandInvokationFailure: U...