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Build Error - Script Debugging

Using Unity3d 2021.3.27Oculus Package v56Build process fails when I set the ScriptDebugging flag on; with the following error:Building Library\Bee\artifacts\Android\d8kzr\libil2cpp.so failed with output: Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/87lik/2bu4ed5r2p...

Button.OnSelect() not found with Oculus integration

I imported the oculus integration package to my vr project and now i get this error Assets\Oculus\SampleFramework\Usage\SpatialAnchor\Scripts\AnchorUIManager.cs(326,21): error CS1061: 'Button' does not contain a definition for 'OnSelect' and no acces...

AV3E by Honored Guest
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Build and Run Fail/Hub Fail

Hi! I have a weird problem. All of the sudden my project won't build and run, and the Oculus Developer Hub won't open. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing several times, but all it will do is open as a white panel and never load. Strangely en...

dmz.rom by Honored Guest
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Right Eye problem

I'm a bit new to programming with VR but I got head tracking and hand tracking setup, with that said the right eye seems to be creating an infinite amount of the objects in the scene and are moving in one direction as a blue blob.

Newtone- by Honored Guest
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