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Network face tracking Meta avatars

I have working Unity app using Meta avatars. Lipsync works well - other network players see my face moving. So data is receiving correctly. But! When I introduced face tracking, it only works locally. Nobody see my facetracking except me. I'm using t...

Additional Tongue Tracking BlendShapes

There are currently seven BlendShapes for tongue tracking which primarily only allow for inwards/outwards positioning.https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/move-face-tracking/#face-blendshapes Some further implementation allowing for simpl...

Nhex by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Failed to Start Face Tracking Error Message

Hello! I am developing a project in Unity that utilizes the face tracking, hand tracking, and eye tracking features of the Meta Quest pro. I have followed the tutorial on Meta's developer website here. I imported the movement SDK and enabled the nece...

Face Tracking - FaceExpressions Data

I use Unity 2021.3.20F1 and Oculus Integration V54.I can perform facial tracking and AURA with my face expression.Based on research purposes, I need to store information about facial expression weights.But when I store the information about OVRFACEEX...