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Resolved! Check if an object is grabbed

Hello guys. I can't find a way to check if an object is grabbed or not, a boolean that is true if it is grabbed and false if it is not. The attached image is the components that the object that I want that variable to have. I'm using Oculus sdk Integ...


Hand Grab Interactable grab Event?

hey I am having trouble finding out which event I need to catch from the HandgGrabInteractable to then from that event call a function. In my case the Photon.RequestOwnership(), on the grabbed object. Here is what I have until now, with help from Cha...

Screenshot from 2023-05-02 13-11-33.png

Resolved! Hand tracking recorder grab around object

Im using the hand grab pose recorder to grab some objects and I want to use just 1 pose to grab an object around his pivot. I try the Cylinder surface script (like the mug in the hand tracking example scene) but it always grab the object on the same ...

Screenshot_1.png Shavier_0-1662450355726.png
Shavier by Protege
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