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Hand tracking outdoors

Hi guys,We are currently experiencing an issue with hand tracking in our app when using the Quest Pro outdoors.The symptoms: The hand tracking seems to get into some state where it is unusable - the hand related pointers inside the app are flickering...


Resolved! TransformRecognizerActiveState is never activating

I haven't been able to get a Transform Recognizer Active State to register as active. I have no issues with Shape Recognizer Active State. Are there any additional steps that are required in order to get a TransformRecognizerActiveState to work? I ha...


Custom Bluetooth input sensor / controller

Hi everyone, I'm developing project on Oculus Quest 2 with Hand Tracking in Unity.I need to provide additional input value from external sensor.Input value is just user's pressure on the sensor: may be float with 0.0 - 1.0 values. No movement, rotati...

how to edit hand grab pose in unity?

Hi everyone, i have met some problem, i want to edit the finger position like photo1, but is a old version, in the new version, i cannot use the "hand grab point script" any more, instand it tolds me to use "hand grab pose script", but in this script...

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Hand Grab Interactable grab Event?

hey I am having trouble finding out which event I need to catch from the HandgGrabInteractable to then from that event call a function. In my case the Photon.RequestOwnership(), on the grabbed object. Here is what I have until now, with help from Cha...

Screenshot from 2023-05-02 13-11-33.png

Resolved! Hand tracking recorder grab around object

Im using the hand grab pose recorder to grab some objects and I want to use just 1 pose to grab an object around his pivot. I try the Cylinder surface script (like the mug in the hand tracking example scene) but it always grab the object on the same ...

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Shavier by Protege
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Hand Tracking Quit Working in Editor

Greetings,A week ago, both the hand tracking projects I'm working on, would show my hands when I played in editor. But yesterday and today, I can't get hands to show in editor anymore. One of my project I'm on a collab team, and everyone else on the ...

Feature Request: Hand tracking on desktop

When using the Unity editor, we have access to the Quest Hand Tracking. However, when the exe is built it no longer works.I assume this is because windows is using a rift-style API, but the Oculus team have added special hand tracking support for the...

New Interaction SDK hands do not update Vector 3

Hi  I am developing with the new Interaction SDK and have been trying to map the transform and rotation of the hands to other values, but they are not updated during run time and they are always at 0, 0, 0. (The older one, which is the OVRHandPrefab...

chenliu52 by Honored Guest
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How to get Hand Joint Location from Hand tracking

Please point me into the right direction. Looking into the OVRPlugin code I can not find a way to get Hand Joint Location, seems like Oculus doesn't provide us with that data...is it correct? I can see that there is a root pose in OVRPlugin.HandState...