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How to modify Grabable scripts?

I renamed HandGrabInteractable to HandleLeft and confirmed that the grab functionality is working well. Additionally, I want to save the position when HandleLeft is grabbed and moved, and create a new object at that position. So, I wanted to add a pu...

chaieun by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quests hands tracking is not working in Unity editor

For some reason hands tracking is not working anymore in Unity editor.Tried with Quest Link and with Air Link.Tried in a clean project with the latest updates and Quest Pro.Tried in some old project for Quest 2 (and with Quest 2) where everything was...

DanceM by Protege
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Resolved! OneGrab Transformer for moving the OVR camera

I'm trying to create a climbing game where you grab an object and when you move your hand the camera moves in the opposite direction (as though you were really climbing). The problem I'm facing though is that in the hierarchy for the OculusInteractio...

Resolved! Grab something with Two Hands

I'm trying to develop a game for the oculus quest, in which you can play a guitar. The guitar takes two hands to operate, and after a while of searching I haven't found anything within the Oculus Integration Package that makes this possible, and the ...