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IAP Implementation for Durable Items

Hi,I want to implement Meta Quest IAP workflow with following steps.1.User will purchase the IAP durable item2.Durable item is Asset bundle of a scene as in different levels3.Once purchase is completed i want to start downloading Assets Bundles attac...

IAP Showing up even when Status is Unavailable

Hi,I have a couple of IAPs setup in the developer dashboard, but when I set the IAP status to Unavailable it still gets fetched when i call IAP.GetProductsBySKU.AssetFile.GetList() gives me DownloadStatus: available and IapStatus gives me entitled/no...

Jepplen by Explorer
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How to associate SKU with assetID

Hi, I'm looking in to how to handle the association for SKU to assetId.The AssetFile.GetList() objects supports assetId, but not skuand IAP.GetProductsBySKU() supports sku, but not assetId.One way would be to only send in a single SKU as argument to ...

Jepplen by Explorer
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API to determine if user has purchased game

Is there an API method to determine if the Meta user has already purchased the game? We do have API calls to determine if the user has purchased Addons (IAP), but I have not found any method regarding the game itself.We are changing our game price to...

IAP OnComplete does not finish

We have discovered an issue where some of our users are pressing the Oculus home button right after they enter the pin when purchasing our subscription service. This results in the IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow().OnComplete() never being called. Any additio...