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Resolved! TransformRecognizerActiveState is never activating

I haven't been able to get a Transform Recognizer Active State to register as active. I have no issues with Shape Recognizer Active State. Are there any additional steps that are required in order to get a TransformRecognizerActiveState to work? I ha...


Resolved! Seeking Guidance on XR interaction SDK sample scenes

Hello. I'm trying to figure out Interactions with the Meta XR all in one SDK. I can pick up a cube (woo!), but I cannot grab a sphere at a distance. I was following what I could find around the Interaction SDK and recently downloaded the SDK for XR-I...

kelv1nh by Explorer
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How to connect a Wrist UI to a Meta Avatar?

I have a wrist UI right now connected to LeftHandAnchor.Unfortunately with this, I have to give fixed offsets and sizes.How can I connect this to the Meta Avatar in a way, that I can put it above the skin of the wrist, like a smart watch and even siz...

How to fix flickering hands?

Hello fellow VRers,I started a new project with the Oculus Interaction SDK in Unity. Haven't really done much yet. Any ideas why my hands are flickering?Here's the video and reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity_XR_Developers/comments/11z...