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Add animation to Avatar in Unity

I want to use avatars from Meta SDK as NPCs in an experience that I'm developing, using some Mixamo animations to make them look more alive. However I can't find a way to add an Animator controller to the OVRAvatarEntities.Has anyone done this?

Network face tracking Meta avatars

I have working Unity app using Meta avatars. Lipsync works well - other network players see my face moving. So data is receiving correctly. But! When I introduced face tracking, it only works locally. Nobody see my facetracking except me. I'm using t...

Typo in AvatarCommonLighting.cginc

Hello,We've working at Telefónica with Meta avatars for some months now and everything was going ok. Then we've decided to update our Unity version to the 2021.1.11f (LTS). Suddenly our avatar stopped showing in the application builds. The thing is w...

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