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Meta Avatar SDK Unity mac Support

Hello, I am building a multiplayer app on meta quest 3 and using meta avatar 2 to show the avatars. Does syncing avatar can also display on mac build? I want to make 2 different apps, one for quest and other running on mac. Does avatar syncing possib...

Add animation to Avatar in Unity

I want to use avatars from Meta SDK as NPCs in an experience that I'm developing, using some Mixamo animations to make them look more alive. However I can't find a way to add an Animator controller to the OVRAvatarEntities.Has anyone done this?

Resolved! Local Meta Avatars T-posing in front of Camera

Hi so I've tried implementing networked avatars (using PUN) in a unity VR app but no matter what I try to do, my local avatar always ends up t-posing sideways without any animations in front of the main camera rig. Everything is as its supposed to be...


How to connect a Wrist UI to a Meta Avatar?

I have a wrist UI right now connected to LeftHandAnchor.Unfortunately with this, I have to give fixed offsets and sizes.How can I connect this to the Meta Avatar in a way, that I can put it above the skin of the wrist, like a smart watch and even siz...

Avatar Horizon Set Trasparency

Hi,I would like to change the shader trasparency of horizon avatars, but the horizon shader does not expose any variable to apply that.Did anyone succed in doing it?Thanks in advance for any help

Avatars2 SDK body tracking is not working.

The problem is similar to this:https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/Unity-VR-Development/Quests-hands-tracking-is-not-working-in-Unity-editor/td-p/997176except now I have it with Avatars SDK 18.0 - body and hands tracking is not working in clean project wi...

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Avatar 2 SDK - Non-VR PC Build Issues

Hello!So, I've been working on implementing the Avatar 2 SDK, and I've run into a difficult issue with builds.We maintain a single application that builds both for Meta Quest platform and for a Non-VR PC Companion.Both share a single main scene, with...