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XR Hands

I have tried and tried to use the XR Hand package from Unity. I have gone over tutorial after tutorial, I have looked for answers and problems and the few I have found did not apply to me.Has anyone else on here not been able to get the XR Hands to w...

Posibility to stream MR app in custom page/server

Hi, I'm making mixed reality app with Unity and OVR Plugin (Meta All-In-One Plugin). The feature of the app should be a possibility to stream application on a custom web page (my server). I read tons of forums and didn't find how to do that. Does it ...

NooBiTTo by Honored Guest
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Meta TTS speaker change with script

Using unity, I am trying to change the selected speaker. I have two speaker presets loaded. Charlie and Rebecca.I can manually change the speaker, but I need to do that in script since I have two speakers that I want to talk in their voices (one mail...

Question about Spatial Anchor saving

Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to work with shared spatial anchors, and what i wanted to do is basically understand, when i save a spatial anchor by saving it's Uuid, what information am i actually storing? If i were to provide another device ...

Esimple by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Change Scene

Hi. Can somebody help me? I want to change my scene from scene 1 to scene 2. I'm using Meta Quest 2 and I'm using Meta SDK Ray Interaction. Can somebody show me a step by step process on how to do it. Thank you

Unity SharedSpaces sample not working for me

Hello! I did all the step of Unity SharedSpaces Sample except the Oculus Application Configuration.But when I'm install to my Quest 2 and open the app then notthing happen, just a blank space like thisCan anyone help me please ? Thank you so much

iichidoii by Honored Guest
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New Oculus Quest tutorial in Unity? (2024/23)

Hello.I am working on a new project for my thesis in VR using Unity (version 2022.3.13f1).It's been 1 year since I have not worked on XR. I am finding it difficult to catch up with tutorials that are now too old for the development of new application...

Resolved! Meta XR Simulator starts only once

Hi, I have a problem with the Meta XR Simulator v60 in Unity 2023.2.7f1 and Meta SDK v60.When i start a Synthetic Environment Server, set the simulator to active and start the game, everything works as intended. But only exactly once!Afterwards i get...

Patch an APK from within a APK

Hi all,I'm new to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and android development. So far I've been using Unity 3D to create VR applications.I am looking for a way to patch the changes in an installed APK from within the APK.So the flow which I have is this:On ap...

How to exit from Oculus Mirror mode?

I'm having difficulty linking my Windows pc to Quest 2 device. I can airlink them and get the code verified, but it goes into Ocuus Mirror mode immediately, and I cannot exit unless I turn it off. It simply says, "Your Library is empty, You have worl...

momorosa by Honored Guest
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Oculus Scene Features not working via Link

None of the oculus scene features:-room data, Anchors, Shared anchorsseem to be working over link in unity editor. They all throw the following error. I've tried the Shared Spatial anchors sample project, Discover sample project, as well as the sampl...

Etch_VR by Honored Guest
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Stuck at Quest Link home view

Hi, quest link is properly connected and running the home view (with infinite empty space and QL panels) but when I hit the play button on Unity the app try to launch since I see a half sec black screen then it immediatly returns to QL home and compu...