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Unity game audio crackling - Quest 3

I'm creating a music game in Unity. I've found that when I test my game, with the audio playing through the Quest 3 speakers, there is really bad crackling and popping. However, when I use my headphones, this problem goes away.I don't have much exper...

juicyjiu by Honored Guest
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Cannot disable virtual keyboard

I cannot disable virtual keyboard, even I disable require system keyboard, disabling tracked keyboard supported, disabling virtual keyboard support. even editing in android manifest and set all keyboard support required to false. after I build it, my...

How to learn MetaXR Spatial Anchors for Unity

Hello!I cannot seem to follow the documentation for MetaXR Spatial Anchors - they implemented 'Building Blocks' and I cannot find any documentation for it, I am working on a simple singleplayer local spatial anchor setup and I simply cannot make any ...

Posibility to stream MR app in custom page/server

Hi, I'm making mixed reality app with Unity and OVR Plugin (Meta All-In-One Plugin). The feature of the app should be a possibility to stream application on a custom web page (my server). I read tons of forums and didn't find how to do that. Does it ...

NooBiTTo by Honored Guest
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Unity URP Project Error

Hi, guys.First of all, I'm using Google Translate, as I'm still perfecting my English.I'm in a project that uses Meta Quest 3 and there has come a time when I will need to use URP in the project. It turns out that after installing and building the pr...


Meta Quest 3 walls cull assets partially

Hey folks,Currently working on some MR stuff, I am playing a build of my latest content but noticing that after defining my room (Walls, windows, door) when I want to instantiate an object in game if I put it within close distance or just on a MR wal...

Question about Spatial Anchor saving

Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to work with shared spatial anchors, and what i wanted to do is basically understand, when i save a spatial anchor by saving it's Uuid, what information am i actually storing? If i were to provide another device ...

Esimple by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to setup colliders for Scene API / room model?

Hi there,I'm trying to enhance my passthrough app to be room aware, but having issues setting up the colliders. So far I've used Building Blocks with Meta API v60 and Unity 2023.2 and everything else is working fine - room scanning, seeing the walls ...

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 6.44.58 pm.png
longcon1 by Honored Guest
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How to enable mouse input in Unity?

Hi everyone, I have a bluetooth mouse connected to my Meta Quest 3 and want to use it in my Mixed Reality Unity project. Even though the mouse is connected to the headset, it's not registering the mouse or showing the cursor in my unity project. What...

Janne.kae by Honored Guest
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Building Blocks Scripts License Question

Hi, I have a question about Building Blocks in Unity. Is it possible to modify them (e.g. change the defaul mesh to my own) in order to create a project for Meta Quest 3. I'm mainly asking if the scripts of these Building Blocks can be modified. It's...

KajoKEMan by Honored Guest
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Passthrough Mask in Unity with Quest 3

I've been trying to figure out how to replace the passthrough video ceiling with a VR scene like in the First Encounters demo or the Discover app on Github. I've tried working with the layers and copying the shaders from the Discover app, but haven't...

Sixer by Explorer
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