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Network face tracking Meta avatars

I have working Unity app using Meta avatars. Lipsync works well - other network players see my face moving. So data is receiving correctly. But! When I introduced face tracking, it only works locally. Nobody see my facetracking except me. I'm using t...

Posibility to stream MR app in custom page/server

Hi, I'm making mixed reality app with Unity and OVR Plugin (Meta All-In-One Plugin). The feature of the app should be a possibility to stream application on a custom web page (my server). I read tons of forums and didn't find how to do that. Does it ...

NooBiTTo by Honored Guest
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Question about Spatial Anchor saving

Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to work with shared spatial anchors, and what i wanted to do is basically understand, when i save a spatial anchor by saving it's Uuid, what information am i actually storing? If i were to provide another device ...

Esimple by Honored Guest
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how to retargeting avatar with iobt

I want to do full body tracking using iobt. If you install the meta movement SDK and view the sample scene, the avatar will appear properly. However, if I take the avatar fbx file I use and use it, the avatar comes out distorted like that. Is there a...


Additional Tongue Tracking BlendShapes

There are currently seven BlendShapes for tongue tracking which primarily only allow for inwards/outwards positioning.https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/move-face-tracking/#face-blendshapes Some further implementation allowing for simpl...

Nhex by Honored Guest
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Oculus Scene Features not working via Link

None of the oculus scene features:-room data, Anchors, Shared anchorsseem to be working over link in unity editor. They all throw the following error. I've tried the Shared Spatial anchors sample project, Discover sample project, as well as the sampl...

Etch_VR by Honored Guest
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Stuck at Quest Link home view

Hi, quest link is properly connected and running the home view (with infinite empty space and QL panels) but when I hit the play button on Unity the app try to launch since I see a half sec black screen then it immediatly returns to QL home and compu...

Quest3 beta SDK on Quest Pro

The Quest 3 beta SDK, in theory, would give higher level access to the cameras in support of effects like chroma key. We've been trying to use ARFoundation and the Quest3 beta SDK to get this working on Quest Pro in preparation for Quest 3 but its be...

Face Tracking - FaceExpressions Data

I use Unity 2021.3.20F1 and Oculus Integration V54.I can perform facial tracking and AURA with my face expression.Based on research purposes, I need to store information about facial expression weights.But when I store the information about OVRFACEEX...

Multiplayer Photon PUN. Communicate to everyone.

Hello,I've a question about Photon PUN 2. Is it possible to communicate to everyone who's connected to the PUN server ?Because, in my case I've a waiting room, it's a lobby. I've an "admin" who can send everyone who's connected to the lobby to differ...

Mikrofus by Honored Guest
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