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Meta Quest 3 walls cull assets partially

Hey folks,Currently working on some MR stuff, I am playing a build of my latest content but noticing that after defining my room (Walls, windows, door) when I want to instantiate an object in game if I put it within close distance or just on a MR wal...

Mixed Reality app without boundary limit

Hi,we are building an MR/passthrough game meant to be played outdoors in large open areas. We found out that boundaries are limited to 10m by 10m which is hugely insufficient, as our game requires the players to move around a lot (easily in an area o...

MixedReality recentered pose problem.

Hi, We are developing a mixed reality experience using SceneModel to set up the user room. We use the virtual model that the SceneModel instantiate to calculate the distance between the player and its room walls. We need that the player was in a posi...


Mixed reality only work in the first scene

When a mixed reality scene element OVRSceneAnchor is destroyed, it get ignored during the whole game session.Opening Mixed reality a second time in another Unity scene is impossible, or very laborious.This is because of recent changes in the Unity In...

Realtime Occlusion with Meta Quest Pro and Passthrough

Hello ThereIs there any way to get depth information in addition to the Color Passthrough form the Meta Quest Pro? Or maybe even an Mesh of the environment?I want it to be able to occlude my virtual assets in realtime, eg. when people are walking in ...

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