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Resolved! Menu Canvas Not Responsive

DetailsUnity Version: Set-Up: Meta Integration: Meta XR All-in-One SDKUsing Oculus Quest 2Hello!I am not new to VR development but I am for some reason struggling to build this new app I am currently working on. I have three issues.1. I am trying to ...

eccecarpet_0-1707437861490.png eccecarpet_1-1707437894262.png eccecarpet_2-1707437948891.png eccecarpet_3-1707438701685.png

Can't make SQLite work in the headset

Hello everyone,I'm making a small VR game in Unity for the Quest 2 and I'm facing some problems to manage the data saved. I decided to use SQLite because this game is to try to take an exam in my country and I know one of the modules is about databas...


Can somebody show me how to remove this from the manifest?Please remove all unnecessary permissions. If any of the following permissions are required, please explain in detail why the app requires them in order to function: android.permission.RECORD_...