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Performance Issue - VR Unity

Hi all,I am trying to finish my final year project in VR built in Unity and one of my scenes is not loading when clicking on the button menu (Start).This scene is loaded with different assets and in fact, is the only one that would not open and let m...

Resolved! Menu Canvas Not Responsive

DetailsUnity Version: Set-Up: Meta Integration: Meta XR All-in-One SDKUsing Oculus Quest 2Hello!I am not new to VR development but I am for some reason struggling to build this new app I am currently working on. I have three issues.1. I am trying to ...

eccecarpet_0-1707437861490.png eccecarpet_1-1707437894262.png eccecarpet_2-1707437948891.png eccecarpet_3-1707438701685.png

OpenXR and Meta XR SDK at the same time

When I install OpenXR Plugin alongside Meta XR All-in-One SDK I get this warning in Project Validation to use Oculus XR Plug-in instead of OpenXR.What is the recommended/correct approach to achieve cross-platform compatibility with OpenXR while using...


FPS is gradually decreasing on Quest 2

I'm working on a multiplayer vr app for quest 2. There is a starting scene and a common room scene where all players join. Movement around the stage is carried out using teleportation. The player is represented by XR Origin component with XR Controll...