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Resolved! TransformRecognizerActiveState is never activating

I haven't been able to get a Transform Recognizer Active State to register as active. I have no issues with Shape Recognizer Active State. Are there any additional steps that are required in order to get a TransformRecognizerActiveState to work? I ha...


OpenXR hand-tracking + depth api - is it possible?

Is it possible to have both Unitys OpenXR-plugin, Oculus OpenXR Plugin and Oculus XR Plugin in the same project somehow? Would like to use default OpenXR for hand-tracking (so it's easier to port to other XR compatible headsets), and then add Oculus ...

SanCity by Protege
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OpenXR and Meta XR SDK at the same time

When I install OpenXR Plugin alongside Meta XR All-in-One SDK I get this warning in Project Validation to use Oculus XR Plug-in instead of OpenXR.What is the recommended/correct approach to achieve cross-platform compatibility with OpenXR while using...


Unity OpenXR plugin Application Space Warp needed

Hi, dev.App Space Warp is such a good feature, but at the current stage I have to switch from OpenXR plugins to Oculus plugins to enable that.From my understanding, for OpenXR plugins, Meta features are enabled by extending the Unity OpenXR feature a...

timtaotao by Honored Guest
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Resolved! [Unity] Virtual Keyboard feature not working

Greetings.Issue:I and my team attempted to enable Oculus overlay/virtual keyboard but failed.Related links/attempted approaches:Spoiler (Highlight to read)https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-keyboard-overlay/https://developer.oculu...

MetaXR feature causes crash in Editor

I have created a combined Unity project for the Quest and the HTC Vive. I was hoping OpenXR could be used for both, but unfortunately for Quest I still need the Oculus Integration package for the entitlement check and that again requires the Oculus X...

FFR in Unity OpenXR on Quest 2?

Hello!My team is having some frustrating issues with visual clarity in our Unity project built for the Quest 2 with Unity OpenXR. The clarity is especially abysmal (blurry, distortion) towards the far edges of the screen, which begs the question: is ...

nerol333 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 crash on trigger input

Unity: 2020.3.18f1 Hello, I am developing an application in Unity and running it on the Quest 2. It is initialized after Runtime with XRGeneralSettings.Instance.Manager.InitializeLoaderSync(); XRGeneralSettings.Instance.Manager.StartSubsystems();And ...

Gryphicus by Honored Guest
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