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Disable OVR Logs ?

Is there a way to disable the ovrManager and ovrAvatar 2 logs ? (other than comment line in script)it's difficult to debug with hundreds logs comming from them..

Resolved! Menu Canvas Not Responsive

DetailsUnity Version: Set-Up: Meta Integration: Meta XR All-in-One SDKUsing Oculus Quest 2Hello!I am not new to VR development but I am for some reason struggling to build this new app I am currently working on. I have three issues.1. I am trying to ...

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Resolved! Seeking Guidance on XR interaction SDK sample scenes

Hello. I'm trying to figure out Interactions with the Meta XR all in one SDK. I can pick up a cube (woo!), but I cannot grab a sphere at a distance. I was following what I could find around the Interaction SDK and recently downloaded the SDK for XR-I...

kelv1nh by Explorer
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Resolved! [Unity] Virtual Keyboard feature not working

Greetings.Issue:I and my team attempted to enable Oculus overlay/virtual keyboard but failed.Related links/attempted approaches:Spoiler (Highlight to read)https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-keyboard-overlay/https://developer.oculu...

Resolved! OVRManager.display returning null

Problem: I'm trying to set my Quest 2 headset to 120hz, Calling OVRManager.display returns nullDetails:I imported the Oculus Integration Plugin then wrote the below code, but when I build and deploy to the headset I get a null reference exception bec...

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DTNA_VR by Explorer
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Resolved! Failed to load OVRPlugin.dll

Hi!I've tried with clean installs of Unity 2019.4.36f1 and 2020.3.30f1, both with the same issue. Failed to load OVRPlugin.dllUnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)Unity.XR.Oculus.OculusLoader:EditorLoadOVRPlugin () (at Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr...