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OVR Lip Sync with multiple audio sources in Unity

I am trying to set up a Ready Player Me avatar in Unity with Oculus lip sync to animate mouth movement. I have multiple audio sources for multiple audio clips because I want to be able to manually cycle through the audio clips one after another using...

OVRlipsync on Hololens 2

Hello,I am building an application in Unity and use OVRlipsync SDK to synchronize audio with my avatar. The SDK can synchronize audio with my avatar lips when in Unity Editor. However, when I deploy to hololens 2, the OVRLipsync does not work. I wond...

ariansyah by Honored Guest
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What could be causing my canned lipsync to fail?

I'm struggling to get canned lipsync to work in Unity and would welcome any thoughts.I have a character model, with animator, audio source, etc. Its audio source has an OVRLipsyncContextMorphTarget, and the scene has an OVRLipSync helper object.If I ...

RupeWard by Honored Guest
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