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Hide OVRScene object guardian outlines

I have an AR app where users interact with surfaces, but annoying outlines of OVRSceneAnchor objects are getting in the way. I don't want to have to ask users to enable developer mode and disable their guardians. Is there some way I can turn these gu...

jtriveri by Expert Protege
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MixedReality recentered pose problem.

Hi, We are developing a mixed reality experience using SceneModel to set up the user room. We use the virtual model that the SceneModel instantiate to calculate the distance between the player and its room walls. We need that the player was in a posi...


Mixed reality only work in the first scene

When a mixed reality scene element OVRSceneAnchor is destroyed, it get ignored during the whole game session.Opening Mixed reality a second time in another Unity scene is impossible, or very laborious.This is because of recent changes in the Unity In...