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Share Spatial Anchor on custom app

I'm working on a VR experience that requires all the users be on the same physical room. I've managed to get working an OVRSpatialAnchor and save it locally for later sessions. I can calibrate the VR room to match the real life room using that anchor...

Problems with Spatial Anchors

Hello,I've been having some issues for quite a while with spatial anchors. I tried to dabble with them some months ago with little success and now I'm trying again. I've had very inconsistent result with the samples where sometimes they work and othe...

Bart_ES by Honored Guest
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Mixed reality only work in the first scene

When a mixed reality scene element OVRSceneAnchor is destroyed, it get ignored during the whole game session.Opening Mixed reality a second time in another Unity scene is impossible, or very laborious.This is because of recent changes in the Unity In...