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Passthrough lag in Unity

We are experiencing a lot of lag in the passthrough image in an PC aplication using the cable link conection. The virtual environment if in a good fps, but the passthrough is in a low fps and with a delayed image.We are using Unity with the the laste...

Virtuali by Honored Guest
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Mixed Reality app without boundary limit

Hi,we are building an MR/passthrough game meant to be played outdoors in large open areas. We found out that boundaries are limited to 10m by 10m which is hugely insufficient, as our game requires the players to move around a lot (easily in an area o...

Passthrough with XR Toolkit

I want to create a quest application with XR Toolkit and OVR Passthrough.I think I setup the project correctly, the oculus example works fine and also I can put the OVRRig inside my scene. But if I use a XRRig instead of an OVR Camera rig, the scene ...

Hide OVRScene object guardian outlines

I have an AR app where users interact with surfaces, but annoying outlines of OVRSceneAnchor objects are getting in the way. I don't want to have to ask users to enable developer mode and disable their guardians. Is there some way I can turn these gu...

jtriveri by Expert Protege
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Realtime Occlusion with Meta Quest Pro and Passthrough

Hello ThereIs there any way to get depth information in addition to the Color Passthrough form the Meta Quest Pro? Or maybe even an Mesh of the environment?I want it to be able to occlude my virtual assets in realtime, eg. when people are walking in ...

MxRP by Honored Guest
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Modifying passthrough rendering using a shader

I have a shader I've written that modifies the color/rendering style of whatever is behind geometry that has the shader applied to it. It works great, but if I view passthrough behind the shader, the passthrough renders as black wherever the shader i...

Share Spatial Anchor between devices

Hello everyone,I'm building an app that 2 person with 2 headset could manage the same virtual object in mixed reality with passthrough and the 2 person are local so the object have to be align and in the right place in real world.The main issue I hav...

UnitySDK Passthrough Video Issues and Cable Lag

Having an issue with the passthrough video feed on a locally running app using the AugmentedObjects test scene. It has lots of tiny slashes through it and extra camera warping. Almost like the passthrough mesh has tears. It only shows in the build an...

mreimer by Expert Protege
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AR Passthrough sample scenes in Unity

Hey, the new sample scenes with passthrough AR do not seem to work on my Quest 2. I've built them from a clean project on unity 2020.3.4f1 but I just can't get the passthrough overlay/underlay on my build. Any help appreciated. Did yall manage to run...